Transgender criminal suspects get special treatment

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New transgender rules at Boston Police Department

Boston Herald: Transgender criminal suspects can demand that cops call them by their adopted names, choose whether male or female officers frisk them and get a personal, private ride to court under new policies unveiled by Boston police Commissioner Edward F. Davis yesterday.

“Our main goal is that everyone should be treated
 equally, and everyone should be treated with 
respect and dignity, whether
you’re at the front desk or on the other side of the front desk,” said officer 
Javier Pagan, the Boston Police Department’s liaison to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. “Everyone should be treated
with the same respect.”

The new regs come five months after the Boston Police Department coughed up $20,000 to settle a federal suit brought by Brenda Wernikoff, a transgender woman arrested in May 2010 for using the women’s bathroom at a homeless shelter. The suit said cops forced Wernikoff to strip and “ordered Ms. Wernikoff to jump up and down, causing her breasts to jiggle.”

“It’s just easier that way,” Pagan said. “If a person lives their life as a female and they feel more comfortable having a female search them — and we’re not talking about strip searches, we’re just talking about pat-downs — if they feel more comfortable having a female do it, then that way you’re sort of just giving them their dignity.”

The new rules also require that all suspect searches “will be conducted by two officers of the gender requested by the transgender prisoner, whenever possible.” If that’s not possible, the policies say, “the search shall nonetheless be conducted by two available officers.”

Transgender prisoners will be transported and jailed alone “whenever possible,” according to the policies. “Officers shall 
ensure that additional units are called in order to assist with transporting transgender individuals.”

Pagan said the rules have been in development for 
several years and are modeled after similar policies 
in Chicago and Washing­ton, D.C.“

When the powers that be have to start shelling out money, things maintain value. In other words, now, the way you treat or mistreat somebody has a value to it,” Wernikoff told the Herald last night. “Financial exposure — that’s the only thing that moves them. Common sense, logic and reason don’t seem to work. Money seems to be the correct vehicle.”

So if they are going to treat all suspects “equally”, does that mean anyone can choose what officer gets to frisk them? Does that mean they all can request a private ride to court? I seriously doubt that. But hey, more “equality”!


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0 responses to “Transgender criminal suspects get special treatment

  1. Since the black mafia took office it seems the devil is picking the music and we all are expected to dance to it. As for me, I am not much of a dancer, I prefer the stomp.

  2. Everyone treated equally? Here, it would mean like a “perp” (perpetrator) or just “like crap” equally.

  3. I don’t know how to break this to them, but I think a heck of a lot of males will eat this up, as they would be “more comfortable” having a female officer put hands on them. I bet some guys would even get arrested on purpose.

  4. It isn’t just the pre-arrest routine. The intake area for inmates entering the state prison system now has a questionnaire that offers SEVEN choices for “sexual definition” (you can select more than one).

  5. what a bunch of nonsense barry o and the liberals caused this!

  6. The officer who’s Boston Police Department’s liaison to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities is named Pagan? You just can’t make this stuff up!

    • Damn Doc , you beat me to that comment . Trying to catch up on the articles and when I read this one that was the first thing I thought of . I wonder if they will be able to pick out the color of their prison overalls next .

  7. What a grief it is to live in such a demented part of the country. And many of the the people of Massachusetts are absolutely blind to it.

    “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”
    –Romans 1:22

  8. How can authority over those in police custody remain equal, if some of them get an “individual cell” on get to “ride alone” to court appearances, or transfers from one facility to another??? The question comes to mind, wouldn’t everyone want this “upgraded” service. I guess taxpayers had better dig deep to be able to afford enough new prison cells, and extra officer’s so that everyone get a lift to court in their one vehicle. This is C-R-A-P no matter how you look at it. The fact that Medicare is paying for reassignment surgery is beyond what any reasonable person should have any expectation of! The whole thing is so unbelievable, my head aches. Excellent article!


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