Tragedy in Dave's Family

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After watching my Falcons beat the Detroit Lions today, I decided to venture into my email.
I found within a message from my brother, informing me that he and my dear SiL had made a mutual decision to switch to the Democrat Party.
(And yes, Coca-Cola most definitely burns when it gets into your nose).
After I cleaned the spewed sweet, sticky beverage from my monitor and keyboard, I noticed he had attached a pic file to his email, so I clicked on it.


LOL – Do not let this happen to anyone in your family.

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0 responses to “Tragedy in Dave's Family

  1. Halloween PSA: Friends don’t let friends drive Democrat. ROFL

  2. Horrors !! What a nightmare that would be !!

  3. Phew! You had me going there for a minute…. 😀

  4. Gag…and downright frightening!

  5. No, no… aiigh!

  6. scared the daylights out of me! sure glad your computer is still intact. LOL!

  7. Dave – LOL For the love of Pete… ALL my teams lost today too..grrr…and then I see this and sure didn’t see that comin’! LOL
    Probably had you going for a minute too, huh… 😀

    • 😀 Oh the Cardinals are my team too O’YEAH!… Down 10 and pretty much counted out for the season…now where they are.. so awesome! I like Tebow too… I watched him in college w/the Gators…he’s got the love of the game in him to push him onward! LOL

      • This girl is rooting for the Rangers, sorry guys 🙂 Hey, my Mariners suck so gotta support the AL somehow…and my Hawks suck. sigh…
        Tebow rocked today!

  8. You had me going too! I was already praying for you!


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