Tragedy and Hope: Caroll Quigley Spilled the Beans!

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This is a brief video that gives an overview of the Ruling Elite of the CFR and their ultimate goal.

For a one hour 1974 radio interview between Dr. Stan Monteith and the author , Carroll Quigley,  go here.     Among other things, Quigley discusses the origin of the CFR and the Global Agenda.   The  money men who started the CFR and the United Nations also started the tax-exempt foundations that funded a pro-Stalinst agenda in the 1930s and helped Mao Tse-Tung take over China.



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One response to “Tragedy and Hope: Caroll Quigley Spilled the Beans!

  1. Actually, Dr. Stan Monteith did not conduct this interview with Dr.Quigley. It is someone from a local newspaper. Dr. Monteith did find this tape in Dr.Quigley’s files at Georgetown University.


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