Toward a Class Action Lawsuit Against Sandy Hook "Charities"

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Compelling evidence that one of the Sandy Hook child victims, Avielle Richman, is a fictitious person and not the daughter of gun-control advocates Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel. The girl is alive, the daughter of Curtis and Michelle Urbina, who have previous ties to gun control activist Monte Frank, the attorney representing the respondents in Wolfgang Halbig’s FOI hearings.
At the end of this post from Memory Hole blog is contact information for anyone who has donated to the phony Avielle Richman Foundation, to join a class action lawsuit.

UPDATE (Sept. 16, 2015):

Facebook took down Sandy Hook skeptic Tony Mead’s post on Avielle Richman’s similarities to Lenie Urbina, allegedly because of a third party complaint that Mead’s post infringed on/violated their rights. Here are the FB notices:
Tony Mead Facebook

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0 responses to “Toward a Class Action Lawsuit Against Sandy Hook "Charities"

  1. I can only hope that each and every one of the individuals who participated in this illegal scam (including the parents who “lent” their daughter to the other parents) gets to do time in jail. How is it that a charity could possibly be set up the SAME DAY AS THE MURDER DATE? Pretty weird! I hope that there will be other scams uncovered pertinent to this whole mess, and that they will also be brought to court. Fabulous post! Keep ’em comin’ Dr Eowyn.

  2. I’m not a lawyer. Is it POSSIBLE that this could be another (fake) “lawsuit” organized by the government to “sue itself?” They’ve done that before, using lawyer Judy Clarke (she represented Tsarnaev in the bogus Boston Marathon Bombing trial), declaring her own client guilty (!) in open court.
    Judy Clarke also represented other possible Crisis Actors: Eric Rudolph; Ted Kozinski; Jared Lee Loughner; and others.
    I think MANY lawsuits are needed, but I’m wary of having “one big lawsuit” where we don’t know who’s running the lawsuit, OR the law firm organizing the lawsuit might be controlled (blackmailed/bribed) by the same corrupt government that blackmailed the Sandy Hook (fake) “parents” into pretending their kids died.
    In other words, CIA could stage ONE BIG LAWSUIT which they sabotage, to “resolve the issue once and for all.” Meanwhile, the real people who got scammed by the Newtown Hoax can’t sue all over AGAIN — or can they? After they sue once and lose/win, I assume they can’t just keep filing similar lawsuits over and over.

  3. Here’s a nice photo of Monte Frank (Newtown hoax lawyer). Monte Frank coached Police Chief Kehoe on evading questions during Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA hearings.
    The first (Sandy Hook) FOIA hearing got canceled the day before, since Monte Frank had to “ride a bike for gun control.”

  4. UPDATE:
    Facebook took down Sandy Hook skeptic Tony Mead’s post on Avielle Richman’s similarities to Lenie Urbina, allegedly because of a third party complaint that Mead’s post infringed on/violated their rights. Scroll up to my post for the FB notices.

  5. ‘Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave , When First We Practice To Deceive

  6. When I filed a counter claim they responded:
    Thank you for your email. As you know, we received a claim of alleged
    rights infringement regarding the removed content. However, the content in
    question is outside the scope of the counter-notification provisions under the
    Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), 17 U.S.C. § 512(g).
    If you believe
    that this content should not have been removed from Facebook, you can contact
    the complaining party directly to resolve your issue:
    Report #:
    Contact Information:
    Name – Thomas Bittman
    Email –
    Please keep in mind that the complaining party is not
    required to respond to you. If an agreement is reached to restore the reported
    content, please have the complaining party email us at with their
    consent and the original report number of their complaint.
    Intellectual Property

  7. I believe i was the first to report lenie urbina is avielle richamn way back in 2014 and i did a collage comparison and posted it at seen here
    Anyways recently i noticed that my collage was removed for copyright violations because Lenny Pozner owns it …. hmm how can Lenny own copyright to other kids ? Well they even went as far to scrub that collage from multiple forums and even pic hosts … so much the only place i could recover it was through internet archives.

  8. You people are sick!

    • Well, thanks for the Alinsky compliment.
      I would prefer you offer more than an insult and maybe, just maybe, some evidence to support your opinion. Such as: any refute on the Richman foundation? Any insight on Monte Frank? Or just want to leave your statement as is, i.e., a personal opinion?


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