Tour the World on Your PC

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This is very impressive. If you have time just pack yourself a little lunch and settle in front of your computer and enjoy your trip to places of your choice.

This website is pretty cool. On the left is a list of names of some of the world’s major cities, arranged in alphabetical order. Click on a city, and you’ll be taken to the YouTube webpage of videos about that city. Click any of the videos and you’ll be taken on a virtual tour of your city of choice!
Bon Voyage  😉

H/t my dear friend Bill.

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0 responses to “Tour the World on Your PC

  1. Great link, Eowyn,
    I saved that to my fav’s.
    I did a virtual tour of Turkmenistan and Republic of Georgia yesterday;
    pretty cool.

  2. This is amazing! I went on a time machine tour of my childhood homes in Chicago. It’s very hard for me to comprehend what’s happened since, but a worthwhile experience, for sure!
    My highest recommendation, and my continual amazement at what We, the People, are able to do on our own.
    With my grateful “Thanks” for all this, and so much more that you have done for me and all the others who come here.
    As He said, you have become the Well that infinitely refreshes.

    • God bless you, Joseph.
      Just recovering from a terrible disappointment in the clergy, you’ve brought back my faith in human goodness.
      Your sister in Christ,


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