I Want This Helicopter!

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Sorry, folks. Thanks to a tip from FOTM co-founder Steve, I just discovered that this is NOT an American helicopter. It’s a specially painted Mi-24 Hind helicopter in the Hungarian Air Force, which was not intended to be used in military operations and thus carried no armaments. It is strictly used for display in air shows, etc. [Source: Snopes]
I still think it’s awesome!

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0 responses to “I Want This Helicopter!

  1. They probably soil themselves. 🙂

  2. Oh I like this….cool!

  3. swooping in while blasting wagners “the ride of the valkyries” from their speakers just like in “apocalypse now”

  4. puff the magic dragon. gatling gun on fixed wing aircraft a bullet every square inch

  5. I love it! It is so artistic and wonderful! Yeah for the Hungarians! (My grandfather was a Hungarian!)

  6. I ‘think’ the Gatling-type machine guns were commonly known as Vulcan “mini-guns” Lots of the Vietnam-era attack helos carried rocket launcher pods, too.
    Irregardless-I’ll take two of those fantastic looking helos please whilst they’re still cheap! LOL!


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