Top Ten Reasons That Liberals are Detestable Human Beings

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By Tom in NC

  1. Liberals claim that they want better education for our children, but they pour taxpayer money into a failed public education system that is funneled right in to education union coffers that are paying bloated salaries of union bosses and then turned around and donated to democrat candidates without the least hint of accountability at all.
  2. Liberals claim that Consevatives are in bed with and give tax breaks to the rich corporations but they continue to bail out corrupt Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and allowed big democrat contributor GE who made 5.1 billion in U.S. profits in 2010 to scoot away with a tax bill of ZERO, in fact they claimed a tax benefit of 3.2 billion.
  3. Liberals will not allow us to drill for oil off of our own coasts but don’t lift a finger to stop other countries from drilling there and even invite them to do so.
  4. Liberals claim that Conservatives are racists, however it is liberals that often hurl racial slurs at Conservative Blacks, Latinos and Asians etc.
  5. Liberals claim that Conservatives are violent and hate-filled, while liberal supporting union goons verbally and physically assault Conservatives at every opportunity.
  6. Liberals claim Conservatives do not care about children but yet liberals provide over 3,300 abortions EVERY day.
  7. Liberals claim that they want better healthcare for Americans but have imposed a socialist healthcare system patterned after the European style which results in rationing, life saving cancer drugs being denied to patients and surgeries being postponed for weeks, months and even years.
  8. Liberals claim that the Conservatives support of capitalism results in greed and suppression of the lower and middle class Americans, when the exact opposite is true. Capitalism promotes economic growth and allows lower and middle class Americans to prosper because with it comes banks that will loan money to start small businesses and to expand businesses which results in lower unemployment and a decrease in poverty.
  9. Liberals claim to support the military, but their actions speak otherwise by deep cuts in their funding, ridiculous restrictions in the rules of engagement, getting us involved in another war in Libya without congressional approval and outright lies about  so-called crimes committed by military members.
    And the Number One Reason That Liberals are Detestable Human Beings
  10. Liberals would have you believe that they care about this country, which is a mountain of B.S., their $14 Trillion debt means that your baby lying in their crib is already over $40,000 in the hole long before they even enter the workforce. It means that China and Japan along with the Fed hold the largest chunk of our debt through Treasury securities and makes us beholden to them and not only weakens us economically but could leave us open to blackmail on a foreign policy or national security level.
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0 responses to “Top Ten Reasons That Liberals are Detestable Human Beings

  1. Outstanding, Tom!!!!!!!
    In short, liberals are detestable human beings because they are hypocrites — they lie about who they are.

  2. Nuff said…excellent summary.

  3. Only ten reasons?

  4. We have them here too, but worse. If that is possible! Letters to newspapers are not published if they disagrre with anything Liberal. The word Liberal is definately a misnomer! Nothing they advocate is anything to do with freedom of speech or freedom itself! God help us all.

  5. Here’s my additional reason for the list:
    They reflexively attack prominent, conservative women in a vicious manner.

  6. I could not have said it better. I will repost this little jewel to my blog. Thanks.

  7. Your blog spells it out: “1. Liberals would have you believe that they care about this country, which is a mountain of B.S., their $14 Trillion debt means that your baby lying in their crib is already over $40,000 in the hole long before they even enter the workforce. ”
    AMEN to that!!!!!!

  8. We do need to understand that liberalism is actually a mental disorder. Everyone is born a liberal. NORMAL humans will mature and grow up to become Conservatives.

  9. Is there a top 10 most obnoxious liberals list? I say, let’s start one.
    Bill “The Smirking Agnostic” Maher and Kathy “F List” Griffin would be two candidates I’d nominate.
    Feel free to add!

  10. Ha, so true!
    “Hey, don’t forget me!” , says Alec “rude thoughtless pig” Baldwin.

  11. Hey, I’m Travis, and I’m a huge “liberal” (for whatever it’s worth). What that means to me is that I’d like to see our country maintain its beautiful national landmarks; I’d like our children, ALL our children, to get a world-class education; I’d like our streets clean and our bridges structurally sound. I’m guessing these are things most of you would support as well? I’ve seen a million lists like this demonizing BOTH sides; maybe we could reach our goals more efficiently if we work together? What exactly does a list like this accomplish? If you have any questions for a mysterious liberal mind, please let me know.
    PS-The current national debt and the bailouts instituted by the Bush administration have both “liberal” and “conservative” fingerprints on them, no?


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