Top Secret: Percussion Rules Their Lives

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I’ve thrilled to drum music ever since my family used to sit me down on the sidewalk for a front row seat at the Memorial Day military parades back in the early 1950s when patriotism was the norm.
Correction: This champion group from Basel, Switzerland (not Scots)  performing in Edinburgh is amazing!  

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0 responses to “Top Secret: Percussion Rules Their Lives

  1. Just WOW!
    LOL – Looks like Neil Peart has some serious competition.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Marvelous! Is he ambidextrous? It’s amazing that he has so much control of both right and left hands.

      • ltg,
        Not sure, but he may very well be.
        The solo he played on Letterman was abbreviated.
        This was the whole thing a few years back on their 30th anniversary tour:
        He changes it a little between tours, even tweaks it between shows at times, but his solos are always a high point in a Rush show.
        LOL – I would cough up $40 just to watch him play by himself – but don’t tell Alex and Geddy.
        Neil produced a couple of tribute albums to Buddy Rich back in the day, and even put together a show with Buddy’s band. For the albums, he invited a bunch of different drummers to the studio to make the records.
        This is the solo he put together for the tribute show:
        Of course, the kit he playes here isn’t quite as impressive as his full-blown Rush setup, but he made it sound twice as big as it really was.
        I have been a fan of Rush and particularly Neil’s since the mid 1970s, as I consider him to be the most mechanically sound, and probably the best drummer, of all time.
        Buddy Rich is my second favorite.
        I read in one of Neil’s books that he had trouble learning to ride a motorcycle due to the fact that he was so uncoordinated.
        I had to LOL at that.

  2. snuffy smiff

    While I do like the drums, it’s the pipes that will always hold this Scotsman’s heart!
    P.S. check out for all the pipes n’ drums ye could ever want to hear!

  3. Steve,
    This is an overhead shot of the kit he played on last year’s Time Machine tour:
    LOL – One day, it’s going to need it’s own zip code. 🙂


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