Top Five Reasons to not re-elect Obama

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0 responses to “Top Five Reasons to not re-elect Obama

  1. I read that the United Nations will send monitors to oversee US polling stations looking for activities by conservative groups to suppress minority voters likely to vote for Obama. Scary!

  2. Totally off subject….(kinda). I was just at our only little bitty conventience store in town getting my husband a 32oz coke to take to the farm and they informed me that they will be taking the 32oz and 44oz cups off the shelves in the next week or so. The manager made the comment, “One more reason to vote for Romney.”. She said it was because of Obama.

    I knew it was something the POS was talking about but how is he already enforcing it? Is it really happening? Can they really tell businesses what they ARE and ARE NOT allowed to sell? Iam furious!

    • Grouchy-
      It’s a franchise so you think that maybe it’s the owner of the entire franchise? The town I live in is not even 1,000 ppl and the majority is definitely republican. I don’t think it’s the town council but I could be totally wrong…nothing surprises me anymore!

      It’s not Obama though. Thanks Grouchy!

  3. Amen.

  4. Bill Whittle says vote for Romney or you’re ensuring the re-election of Obama (pay attention, Ron Paul or Gary Johnson voters… hold your nose and vote against the Democrat).

  5. Only fools could vote for this man again, and unfortunately I know a few!


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