Top 10 Reasons I'm not a Democrat

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0 responses to “Top 10 Reasons I'm not a Democrat

  1. I’m inclined to add #11 “I can’t make my brain work like a Democrat’s does-LOGIC keeps happening and screws up the ‘Dum-Dem’ programming…”

  2. do you think that that genocidal maniac,, Hilary ‘ Clinton ‘ snapping turtle ‘ will get in power..??
    or do you think ‘ Walking Eagle ‘ Obama will get back in…??

  3. watched the video and posted it all over the place..

  4. Funny! And yet, my reaction against the Dems has become so visceral, it’s hard to put reasons into logical order.

    • I know what you mean-it gets to where all we can articulate for reasons NOT to be Democrats is,”Just LOOK at ’em!! Is THAT what you wanna be??”

  5. I cant see those two ending up in jail..the other parasites will be worried about what Clinton knows..she might spill the beans on all their pervy activities and money scams etc…

  6. Anyway..John McCain will come their rescue…

    • I don’t think McLame’s in any position to rescue anyone. He’s in that gray area now,where he’s far too Liberal for the real Republicans,but he’s gotten far too Conservative for the Socialists. What to do? What to do? Retirement sounds good. He really needs his gold watch and handshake about now…..

  7. This young woman, Elly Mae, gives me hope for America’s younger generation. Her reason no. 9 not to be a Democrat is hilarious!


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