Top 10 most liberal vs. most conservative states

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I’m re-publishing this post from a year ago because Gallup just came out with its 2013 list.
Alabama has overtaken Mississippi as America’s most conservative state, but Washington, D.C., remains the most liberal state, as in 2012.


Gallup just issued a report on how liberal vs. conservatives America’s 50 states are.
Frank Newport reports for Gallup, Feb. 3, 2012, that the measure of how liberal or how conservatives a state is depends on the percentage of the state’s population who self-identify as liberal or conservative.
By that yardstick, the District of Columbia, the seat of our feral gubmint, is the most liberal, no surprise there. Nearly 4 out of 10 (39.8%) of the residents of D.C. call themselves liberal, whereas fewer than 2 out of 10 (19.1%) D.C. residents describe themselves as conservative.
Mississippi is the most conservative state, with more than 1 out of every 2 (53.4%) Mississippians calling themselves conservative, and only 1 of every 10 (10.9%) Mississippians identifying themselves as liberal.
Here are the 10 most liberal states; the 10 most conservative states; followed by a table of all 50 states.

What’s interesting is that how liberal or conservative the population of a state are does not match up with political party identification. As an example, although conservatives outnumber liberals (35.2% vs. 25%) in California, it’s a “blue” state that consistently votes Democrat.
As shown by other polling data, Americans overall are significantly more likely to identify as conservative than as liberal. 40% of more than 218,000 adults 18 and older interviewed in Gallup tracking in 2011 said they were conservative, 36% were moderate, and 21% liberal. Only in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts did liberals outnumber conservatives.
I’m living in the wrong state, but then I already know that only too painfully well. 🙁
Read more on this, here.

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0 responses to “Top 10 most liberal vs. most conservative states

  1. I live in the wrong state too… Problem here is the three largest counties (majority liberal) make the decisions for the rest of the state.

  2. Proud that the state of my birth finally came in first in something!!! The state is full of good, hard-working Americans who love their country!! Oh yeah, they also cling to their guns and Bibles!

  3. Reblogged this on redboar71 and commented:
    I knew Arizona is not in the top 10 conservative list, yet people there certainly think it is.

  4. If it weren’t for Atlanta and it’s surrounding area, Georgia would have made the top 10 conservative list. 🙁

    • Dave–you are right about that. Atlanta bears no resemblance whatsoever to the great southern city that it once was.

  5. We seem to be in a civil war of ideology and at an impasse, so we ought to divide up the country in half, put the conservatives on one side; libs on the other and see just how fast liberalism dies having to depend upon itself and not be subsidized by the conservatives. Now that would be something to watch. For sure we’d have to put up a wall on the border to keep libs from trying to escape their failed ideology once the money and food run out.

    • Fence? What are you a Nazi?

      • Gosh, I have a fence around my property, so that makes me a Nazi by your ridiculous illogic. Are all libs as stupid as you?

      • Fence? What about those who want to make sure their kids and pets stay on their property? Jeesh, you sound like the Nazi if you think people can’t decide what they can do on their own property. Fool…

      • Nicole Holden

        Liberals feed off of conservatives. I think it would be great for a fence. Only a liberal would object to a fence. Conservatives are the MAJORITY and the liberals who claim to want everything to be free EXCEPT for people who believe in religion or have a moral compass liberals want to destroy ALL conservative values.

    • Bahahaah that is a very stupid statement. That “war” already happened- guess who one? No one. What America needs is to come together and become a stronger nation instead of being so divided on silly issues.

      • Hey, “Hope”:
        Did you go onto a liberal blog and lecture to them that “What America needs is to come together and become a stronger nation instead of being so divided on silly issues”? No? Why’s that?

      • Divided? Tell that to Reid spewing lies about Romney and Skippy’s PAC claiming Romney killed a woman.

    • The flaw I see in your argument is that the blue states have consistently subsidized the red states. When one zooms in further to the state level, the more liberal cities fairly consistently subsidize the conservative areas in the rest of the state.
      The fact is that a very large percentage of Romney’s 47% “moochers” are conservative.

    • Liberals are already trying to escape their failed ideology, that’s why they’re moving in droves to conservative states like Texas (from CA) and NH (from MA) for example. The problem is, and why we do need a fence, as liberals, they cannot be educated or indoctrinated. No matter how badly their ideology fails they always have some braindead reason why it failed and will keep trying to make their failed ideology work. So what happens is when they move to a conservative state, in a few years you see taxes start to up and more regulations being placed on businesses and citizens. They just can’t learn and MUST be kept out!

      • Um, New Hampshire is even more liberal than Massachusetts. So there goes your argument. And people leave California because real estate prices are very high. You know… supply and demand? They can get a cheaper home elsewhere.
        But the fact still remains that Blue States do really support the Red States. Typically, Blue States give a dollar to the federal government and get less than that in return. Red States typically give a dollar, and they get back more than that. (Sometimes twice that!) It means that the Blues are supporting the Reds. But as a Blue, I don’t mind. If my fellow Americans need help, I’m happy to send our profits to underwrite your shortfalls.

  6. The problem is that people regularly lie to pollsters. No matter how confidential they are told their answers will be, they respond as if they were making a public statement. You have to hit them with a series of “catch” questions to tease out their real position, especially liberal/conservative. That’s why while about 35% of Californians self-identify as conservative, that never matches their voting pattern. Apparently people only feel truly “secret” is in the voting booth. In addition, there is some confusion that results from how individuals define liberal/conservative and a pollster once again has to use a series of questions to derive some consistency.

  7. New Hampshire isn’t a liberal state. Completely false information. Vermont is far more liberal. Utah is a higher conservative percent. These numbers are completely slanted.

    • New Hampshire has had a democrat gov since 2005. Nothing liberal about that. Guess those right wingers were confused when voting…
      Don’t like the results? Take it up with Gallup.

  8. I agree. Maine, Maryland and Washington’s numbers are pretty close, and I know from experience that Maine is overall a more conservative state than Maryland. Also (from experience) eastern Washington is way more conservative than western WA, so, yes, the results are skewed.

    • FDL. I can attest to the west side east side of both Washington and Oregon. The west sides Seattle/Portland are primarily liberal and the reverse is true for the east sides. You could do a vertical split vs the horizontal split and have one liberal state and one conservative. Yet, in as much as I dislike the west side of Washington dictating our ways, I cannot think of a better state to live in. We have everything from craggy ocean beaches, inland seas, sub tropical rainforest, evergreens stepping up the west Cascades leading east to shrub step giving way to an arid high desert. The combined people of Washington are decent people and unless extremist one way or the other, we get along fine and help our neighbors.

    • We have more conservative counties in WA State but Seattle metro decides that everything liberal passes and everything conservative fails. By the way where was the government last night when I concluded my 18 hour day in my business? Didn’t build it myself! Yeah right! Oh, your mean the endless WA audits and ridiculous tax handouts that illustrate how $5000 in receipts really could be $5500 in taxable revenue. Yep I have just such sheet from the WA department of revenue. Their regulations don’t match department to department… They contradict themselves just to collect taxes to support the system. You know the most interesting top ten? The most expensive to do business in… WA is in the top 5 consistently. Thus the exodus of the likes of Boeing. Wonder where Starbucks will relocate???

  9. If you check out the CDC’s website demonstrating rates of obesity, you’ll see a similar trend, with Mississippi number one.

  10. The more I read stuff like this, the more it looks to me like we have massive election fraud in every election. Something needs to be done.

  11. Thanks Dr. Eowyn,
    The numbers affirm my experience in Massachusetts. Liberalism is a religion here. But how did California escape the Liberal top 10?

  12. When it comes to this we also have to remember the Electoral College impacts voting results.
    I am consistently amazed by how many friends and family I know whom share my conservative ideology yet vote liberal. I really can’t put my finger on it other than to call it something relating to cognitive dissonance which a lot of humans deal with considering the propaganda or brain washing we are exposed to in many areas of our lives.
    I was born in Florida and live in Texas with most of my family in Chicago, New York, and New Jersey. In terms of fence comments let us all remember a fence can serve one of two purposes – keeping people “in” or “out.” It is how you choose to use the fence as to what effect it has.


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