“Too early” to say Pensacola Naval shooting was terrorism yet three Saudis apparently filmed the incident

Yesterday morning a Saudi national at Naval Air Station Pensacola opened fire and killed three people before being killed by law enforcement. The Saudi national, a member of the Royal Saudi Air Force, was receiving pilot training (are you kidding me?) at our military installation. His name was Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani (pictured above).

According to Breitbart, a total of six Saudis are being questioned about the incident. Three of those Saudi’s were caught filming the incident.

Yeah, no question about terrorism there AT ALL.

More from the NY Times:

“Six other Saudi nationals were detained for questioning near the scene of the shooting, including three who were seen filming the entire incident, according to a person briefed on the initial stages of the investigation.

It was not known whether the six Saudis detained were students in the classroom building, and there was no immediate indication that those filming the incident were connected to the gunman, the person said.”

Read their whole story here.

In my opinion, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that this was most likely an incident of terrorism.


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Joseph Magil
Joseph Magil
1 year ago

Two words: Dancing Israelis

Jackie Puppet
1 year ago

Saudi pilots have been going to NAS Pensacola for training since the 1970s, probably not long after the dollar became the petrodollar..

We’d be better off just selling them some training aircraft, and let them figure out the rest, in their own country.

1 year ago


Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

Notice how these mass shooting incidents have now become almost a daily occurrence in the U.S.? TPTB and the Deep State sure are determined to take away our Second Amendment gun rights, aren’t they?