Tom Vilsack: Food NAZI #1

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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who said on Monday that Americans will “adjust” their tastes to the food the government says is best for people to eat….are you friggin kidding me? Good grief, if the sheeple allow this to happen, we are seriously doomed (if not headed there already).


Reboot this and send it to your high end Conservative friends so we can get it going as a national talking point.
” Economists estimate that it can easily cost society $1.30 to raise just $1 in tax revenue, and it may sometimes cost as much as $2.36 That “excess burden” of taxation is a very real cost.”
So our 2.6 trillion the feds collect costs us more like 4 trillion, then they spend 4 trillion with borrowing and printing so we’re up to 5.5 trillion real or so.