Tom Hanks' disturbing Toddlers & Tiaras skit with 6-year-old 'sexy baby'

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I don’t watch late-night TV talk shows. In fact, I hardly watch network TV, period.
So I wasn’t aware of this so-called “skit” by Tom Hanks that was broadcast on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4 years ago.
Tom Hanks and fake daughter SophieIt’s a 6½-minute skit called “Toddlers and Tiaras,” in which a child actress pretends to be Hanks’ 6-year-old daughter Sophie, whom Hanks has groomed to be “sexy” since she was 3 months old to compete in the “Sexy Baby – Nevada” beauty pageant.

Note: Hanks has 4 children — 2 sons with his second and current wife Rita Wilson, and a son and a daughter with his first wife whom he divorced in 1987. Tom’s real-life daughter, Elizabeth Hanks, was born in 1982 and will be 32 years old this May.

Hanks looks downright creepy, his eyes pulled tight by plastic surgery.
Tom HanksThe skit is presented as a satire of girl beauty pageants — but is it?
A 3-month-old baby is “sexy”? A 6-year-old girl is “sexy”? Only to pedophiles!
Ask yourself: Why would a mega-star like Tom Hanks devote his time and effort to make this long, supposedly-funny (which it isn’t) skit for a late-night talk show?
Or is it an effort to normalize pedophilia?
Watch it, then let’s hear from you!

H/t YouTuber pocketsofthefuture
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Update (May 26, 2016):

In the last week, this post was discovered and passed around on Facebook, evidently by fans of Hanks, many of whom insist that his skit was well-meaning, intended to satirize child beauty pageants and to draw attention to the scourge of pedophilia.
If that was Hanks’ purpose, he really should have looked closer to home — to Hollywood, where child actors/actresses routinely are prey for pedophiles. See the new documentary about Hollywood pedophiles, An Open Secret.

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41 responses to “Tom Hanks' disturbing Toddlers & Tiaras skit with 6-year-old 'sexy baby'

  1. Yeah, it’s weird. Humor makes the programming hard to spot and resist.

    • Precisely! TPTB are sneaking in perverse ideas and images under the guise of humor & entertainment.

      • I took it as meant to be a satire…not glorifying it but to show the sickness of it all. While I personally don’t find it funny I think it makes a good point…disturbing, which is what it was meant to do.

  2. That is strange.

  3. i find nothing humorous or entertaining about this. just sickening. hollywood sure does support pedos don’t they?

    • Of course they do. This has been known for many, many years. They are mostly anti God. Look what comes out as some their productions. Take a look at some of the celebs lives. Nothing in daffy-wood surprises most people. You should look more toward christian films and producers if you want “normal”.

  4. When I first heard about child beauty pageants several years ago I considered them to be perverse to the point of disgusting – and still do. It is usually mothers who do this to their ‘little darlings,’ which indicates a low level of intelligence and a lack of social awareness of what they are doing to the little creatures. And as a direct consequence of such abhorrent child nurturing and development, was the tragic case in America of the ‘celebrated’ JonBenét Ramsey who was assaulted and murdered by a paedophile: . And there are other similar terrible cases.
    As for Tom Hanks’ Toddlers & Tiaras skit, it seems to be just that, a send-up of the perversity of child beauty pageants. This is demonstrated by the over-the-top nurturing instructions leading up to the event. The blaring car banner promoting the child, and the over-abundance of trophies in their home and in the pageant’s hall indicated the purpose and nature of the skit – a send-up. Aside from that, it was a humorous touch in the car on the way to the pageant when the little tot appears to pick her nose with her gloved hand.
    And Tom Hanks popping eyes – botox stupidity.

    • Overall, I think you are correct: “Tom Hanks’ Toddlers & Tiaras skit… seems to be just that, a send-up of the perversity of child beauty pageants.” It may well be –to the mind of Tom Hanks– just that. But having said that, would I want my grandchildren in such an incredibly stupid, debasing process & event?
      No, of course not. So what can we make of this, at best? Giving Hanks the benefit of some doubt, it may well be that he means to savage the entire mini-industry, which to me looks to be a kind of child porn, and perhaps he sees it that way as well, and meant to inflict scorn on it, which would be a Good Thing, imo.
      But the whole mess is so edgy that I think it’s best not to go there, unless one is a genius such as Dean Swift, and creates another ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, which would leave the crapola to our imaginations.'s_Travels
      Aside from that –and Hanks is NOT Dean Swift– this is simply too provocative for weak-minded people, imo. Thus I’ve ticked the replies and thumbs up that I’ve done, BEFORE writing this.

  5. I refuse to watch any of Hank’s movies because I fully disagree with his stand on many issues. I feel that doing so makes me an enabler. This just adds to the fact that I feel that he is reprehensible. In fact releasing a Nazi POW in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ would never happen. If you cannot get them into MP custody, guess what. That is just how it is. You never release a prisoner to enable him to fight another day

  6. I’m surprised at Hanks, who was one of my favorite actors. (I said “was.”) I think he meant this to be a satire, a ridiculing of child beauty pageants, but it goes over the line in this way: Hanks may mean one thing, but the listeners and watchers are invited to take it in any fashion they want.
    Again, make no mistake: Our entire Civilization has been purposely perverted and corrupted, by design, and it’s gone on since at least Freud and Bernays. (One could argue it began with eugenics, which got kicked into high gear by Dalton & Darwin, and that would be at least partially true).
    At this point, there are people who are jockeying and maneuvering public acceptance of pedophilia into place. They understand it will take another generation. But CAVEAT EMPTOR: Some British academic or politician (I forget her name) has announced, “It has not been proved that sexual [molestation or experience] does a child [of ten years of age] any harm.” THIS IS A GIANT RED FLAG.
    Also beware of the UN’s “Rights of the Child Treaty,” waiting in the wings, which states, in part, that minors would have the “right” to engage in sexual activity. (Basically, it is a way of abolishing the age of consent).
    They’re tearing down this Civilization and its Culture brick by brick. Shame on Hanks!

  7. These babies and small girls shouldn’t be in such things. These girls are only taught to focus on their looks and not brains. What’s wrong with the parents, they are so stupid!?

    • As it’s been since these travesties began,they are little more than attempts for the parents to take a grab at the brass ring ,to be famous vicariously through their innocent (?) Children.

      • Another of your very shrewd insights! We have a phenomenon in Canada where parents go bonkers over getting boys [historically] into semi- or pro-hockey, so much so there’s now the term ‘hockey moms’.
        I’ve seen this evolve over forty years, and it’s NOT a healthy trend, as it rarely brings families the bonding & rewards they hope to get from their often huge efforts. One of my clients, my former book-keeper, her husband was fifteen years in semi-pro hockey, and I watched over time as he browbeat both his boys into turning out.
        The results? Jim Jr was strong and a fine player, BUT –not good enough to go semi-pro– and this brought the whole family down. The younger boy tried to keep up w/his brother but could not, and became depressed. He went into math and became a fine book-keeper, and an addition to his family’s business!
        So here we see the complete ‘reversal of fortune’ that too often happens, and the children are blamed. Please God, give parents more insight and useful help to their children, because we can’t do it for them!

  8. Does this partially explain Miley Cyrus?

    • While I know her name from ‘news’ I’ve never seen or heard her perform whatever it is that she does, nor am I interested. Having said that, from reading comments about her it sounds to me that she is a hybrid between a pole-dancing strip teaser and 2nd rate [at best] singer. Nuff said! Nothing there of interest to anyone w/sense and sensibilties!

      • If it wasn’t for the resources her Dad (Country music performer Billy Ray Cyrus) expended,and the friendships he made use of,to get her a leg-up in her career,she’d still be unknown. She didn’t earn that Fame-Daddy BUILT it for her.

  9. saw this when it was first aired & I was shocked & completely repulsed… Hanks looked very comfortable & relaxed playing this role, while the poor little girl is being forced (most likely) to act as if this is ok & normal…
    her parents put their own daughter on tv, sexualizing her for the part, just to be on the idiot box w/an über creepy Tom Hanks who actually seems to fit the bill as a pedo…
    this is definitely a skit that doesn’t even try to hide the fact that sex w/children is disgusting & vile…I agree w/Dr. Eowyn’s statement that pedophilia is being forced on the world as “normal”…ughhh, vomit!!
    thanks for reading..

  10. That’s why it’s called Hollyweird. Yuck!

  11. Ditto to all the above: that’s why I now term it the ‘Bizzaro World Disorder’ as it takes in ALL the world, not just our so-called ‘New World’ portion of it.

  12. Wow. Shame on Hanks- and Shame on Howard! Can any God fearing parent relate to this?! Uh- NO.

  13. I pulled this up on utube to see the comments – very disheartening. All the apologists screaming “it’s just satire!!!” “Haven’t you ever heard of a parody, idiot?!” etc etc…
    People will trust anything that oozes from their TV sets.

  14. To see this skit, even in jest, is so gross. It is little wonder that Tom Hanks would volunteer for this project–just the other day I found his name on the list of the world’s most influential people . . . along with, Kissinger, Gates, Allen, de Rothschild, Rockefeller, all of those who want NWO. He is a big, fat nothing and his artistic endeavors should be avoided at all costs.
    Yes, I would say he has had recent plastic surgery; the last picture I say of him where they were telling about his battle with diabetics showed him much different than this picture.

  15. It may be called satire, but it is still obscene to use young people to get a chuckle.
    I can’t watch him in anything since he gave a major middle finger to the public literally, and then gave a scathing speech on how stupid people were from the right. The very people that made him sickly rich.
    He is nothing but a flea on a dog’s butt now to me.

  16. Hollyweird…

  17. “talk dirty to me”? what in the world is a child doing dancing to and saying that kind of junk? disgusting!
    nothing funny about making children dress, act, dance, talk or sing that way…

  18. It was a satire/parody of the “Toddlers and Tiaras” TV show that was really high profile at the time. The real show was troubling as to the lengths the pageant moms would go. The Hanks parody ramped it up to even more ridiculous lengths to show how silly it is. However, in Hollyweird you never really know— showing how stupid it is at the same time while actual pedos are liking this.

  19. He didn’t act any different than the mother’s and other fathers of all other little contestants. This is what goes on in the show Toddlers and Tiaras. These girls are programed to be sexy which I find disgusting. Kids should be kids. If all this wasted time was spent on educating the brain, then their futures would probably be awesome careers. These little girls have parents that are mentally stupid.

  20. If anyone ever watched the real show Toddlers and Tiaras, this skit is true to life. You are all looking down on Hanks for what, the truth. He’s mocking how stupid parents are of the stupid beauty shows. He did noting wrong but you people almost call him a pervert, shame on you. This type of crap makes small kids act sexy, period. Remember Jon Benet? Try going to youtube and look for parents getting small girls ready for the shows. Hanks is showing how silly parents are over their girls. If a young girl has lost some baby teeth she is fitted with a denture plate to be perfect. They wear outrageous wigs, parents spend thousands on the girls for this “crap”.

    • Shame on us? — for wondering why a mega Hollywood superstar like Tom Hanks would spend his valuable time making a 6+-min. “skit” that, while supposedly “satirizing” child beauty contests, does not condemn them but subtly promotes them? For not finding his “skit” funny? What is so funny about a 6-year-old girl looking and talking sexy? What is so funny about infants and toddlers being touted as “sexy babies”?

    • Weezy, we already know how disgusting the real-life parents are. There is absolutely no need for this ‘skit.’ Hanks and Howard were ‘satirizing,’ but that little girl was used in a bad way. As Jan said above, it’s just more filth for the pedophiles.

  21. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. The word, “sexy,” has no place whatsoever in the description of a child, unless you are utterly demonic. How is it even possible to think of a child in this realm? Additionally, because of the unholiness of such a description, there is nothing funny, humorous or “satirical” about this description. This is absolutely sickening. During the video which showed Hanks’ conversation with Kimmel, it is noteworthy to observe Hanks’ squirming about just before the “sexy” clips were shown. He is touching his legs and moving and is most uncomfortable. The body language is noteworthy.

  22. The positive part of the skit was the conversation that is created here. They are all discussing the pedophilic aspects of child beauty pageants. I am sure this is what the creators hope to might initiate…the total decadence and insanity of these kids of pageants. I always think of the cute little beauty pageant girl who was found in her basement murdered. Hanks, Kimmel and Howard all were hoping to showcase the disgusting and over the top reality of the immorality of these kinds of pageants.

  23. You people are a HUGE part of the intolerance in this world. Horrible people like you are the reason I left the church, You are evil incarnate.

  24. It’s funny. He’s taking the micky. People need to lighten up and take a chill pill. Does everyone get offended by everything these days?

  25. I thought it was a hysterical satire. Reading anything else into it is silly.

  26. I’m sorry but to refer to any child of any age as sexy is indeed disturbing. I don’t know about Tom Hanks but if I were a mom and my guy put sexy and child in the same sentence that would be a major red flag of warning! Not right not right horribly wrong.

  27. Have you ever seen the real “Toddlers and Tiara’s”? Tom Hanks is trying to be humorous in an attempt to show how disturbing the real show is. Parents brutally working their young children to compete in beauty pageants that require clothing and make-up that is not age appropriate.
    Hanks is trying to say get rid of the programming that runs for hours every week that normalizes pedophilia. Hanks is trying to call attention to how every weekend across this nation many very real parents are caking their toddlers in make-up and putting them in a two piece bath suit and putting them on a stage that is open to the public for all to see. Tom Hanks is not the one with the problem…

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