Tolerant NYC is making the Trump kids’ lives ‘horrible’

I have no doubt that the kids will be just fine.
liberal tolerance
Via NY Post: Protesters in the city may chant, “Love trumps hate,” but that’s not stopping some from piling on Donald Trump’s family.
“You can’t be a Trump supporter in the city,” an old Buckley School classmate of Donald Jr. admitted to The Post. “I wanted to throw a fund-raiser for [the elder Trump last spring], and my fiancée was like, ‘Don’t you dare! You’ll never get one ounce of business again in this town,’ ” said the classmate, who has his own hedge fund.
Ever since the president-elect’s win in November, his family’s life in the Big Apple has been turned upside down. With 78.5 percent of city voters casting their ballot for Hillary Clinton, liberal New Yorkers are still waging an anti-Trump campaign — often aimed at his three oldest children, Donald Jr., 38, Ivanka, 35, and Eric, 32, all born and raised in Manhattan.
So what’s it like when your hometown — supposedly the most tolerant city in the nation — turns intolerant toward you?
Donald Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Haydon, who grew up in an Upper East Side townhouse and lives at Sutton Place with five children ages 2 to 9, isn’t handling her newfound pariah status well, a close family friend says. “It’s not wonderful when you’re being trolled on Twitter, with people saying really bad things and you have five kids. It’s horrible,” the friend said.

Eric and Lara Trump

Eric and Lara Trump

In mid-November, eight teenagers heckled a visibly irritated Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Yunaska, outside the Quality Italian restaurant on 57th Street, yelling, “Eric, f- -k your father!” and, “Love trumps hate!
And on a recent Monday evening, some 150 protesters descended upon the Puck Building in Nolita to protest Ivanka Trump. Her husband, Jared Kushner, owns the building.
Artists had crafted bearing messages such as “Dear Ivanka: your daddy is scary as hell,” and chanted, “Tell Daddy no,” as they circled the posh building. (Ivanka Trump and Kushner don’t live at the Puck, but rather on the Upper East Side.)
Among those marching were painters Nate Lowman, whose work is reportedly in Ivanka’s personal art collection, and Marilyn Minter, whom Ivanka follows on Instagram. Also in attendance was socialite filmmaker Arden Wohl, a friend of Ivanka’s.
“This is a plea to Ivanka to talk some sense because she’s in this transition committee for her father, and hopefully she can be his voice of reason,” Wohl told New York magazine. “She’s the smartest of the children.”
But all three are resilient, sources told The Post. One New York media executive who has worked with Ivanka said the three grown children “have the thickest skin I’ve ever seen.”
“During the campaign, I went to Ivanka’s office to review a Web site, and the top story on the site was a really negative piece about her father accompanied by an unflattering photograph [of him],” he said. “She just laughed and moved the conversation forward.”
No doubt, the president-elect’s children are a bit more unflappable than their late-night-tweeting father.
When Donald Jr.’s Facebook page is inundated with hateful posts, he and brother Eric simply ignore the comments, according to the Buckley classmate. “But usually, 100 friends come and back them up and say, ‘Go f- -k yourself,’ ” the classmate said.
And despite the lack of love in the Big Apple, the close family friend said that unlike Ivanka — who has announced that she and Kushner will move to Washington, DC, with their children, ages 8 months to 5 years — Donald Jr. and wife Haydon won’t be ditching their Manhattan life for the Beltway. “No way,” the friend said. “They’re not going to be chased out of their home.”
Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said The Donald’s three eldest children would keep their New York roots. “They’re living their lives as they always have,” she said. “They’re classic New Yorkers. They love the city, they soak it in — the culture, the cuisine, the friendships.”
Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump and mother of the three adult children, told The Post in November that while she’s confident her kids can handle the uproar, she worries about Barron, Trump’s son with wife Melania. “Barron is 10 years old. It’s so new for him. I think [my kids] are around cameras all their lives and are prepared for it,” she said.  “Protests are protests,” Ivana added. “It is a divided country. People on the other side, they just have to get over it, because America voted and that is that.
But even if New Yorkers don’t love the Trumps, the tourists do.
“Now that the holidays are upon us and the rest of ‘real America’ from ‘flyover country’ is on Fifth Avenue, selfie-seekers, the happy faces, are out in full force at Trump Tower,” Conway said. “They are literally ebullient.”

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Longknife 21
Longknife 21

They all ought to move to America. And scrape the crap off their shoes after getting out of that Commie Hell-hole that is called New York City.


There’ are a lot of envious people in the world -you can find them in New York. I admire the Trump children, their upbringing, education and their place in society without the “politic resources”. Like their father, they go forth, the press is not important and they move accordingly with their agenda. The future is bright, and we have the TRUMP cards in our hands.

Dr. Eowyn

Imagine the OUTRAGE if these attacks were made against Obama’s children….


How lovely – and classy – that Ivana is concerned about Melania’s son!

Occams Razor Trader

Again the left is comprised of the most vile, rude and hypocritical people on this planet!
They are incredibly tolerant- IF AND ONLY IF YOU AGREE WITH THEM!


[…] via Tolerant NYC is making the Trump kids’ lives ‘horrible’ — Fellowship of the Minds […]


What a fucked up country America has become….

Longknife 21
Longknife 21

America is NOT that screwed up – Trumps election proves that! Sure, there are problems, some are serious, some that may even need “Longknife’s Law”* to be solved quickly, but we probably won’t have to resort to that. However, anywhere the Libs hold power for very long gets incredibly screwed up. But it is the Lib/Prog Fabian Socialists, not America that is what is screwed up. Unfortunately their propaganda appeals to the morally sick, mentally lame, selfish, and lazy. That is their “Big Tent Party”. Libs have become the Antithesis of Traditional Americanism. And a lot of Americans are sick… Read more »


New Yorkers have never been subtle. Unfortunately, their bad behavior is not a surprise to seasoned residents and visitors of NYC.


And not a word was said about President elect Trump until he decided to run against a democrat, a woman democrat. People were dying to meet him, be on his show and just to hobnob with him.
He was admired and envied and now these pathetic attacks, even at Barron’s school.
These filthy democraps should be ashamed of themselves.
The families were always hands off before and now another distraction.
I am calling BS on the so called hacking.

Paul Blake

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
—Martin Luther King, Jr.


That should be on billboards across America!


Once again the leftards behave like spoiled brats who because they didn’t get what they want, (i.e. the destruction of America by Hillary continuing the marxist mandate of Obola and the globalists, which they’re too stupid to see), they have tantrums continously