Today's attempt at humor, for the humorless.

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0 responses to “Today's attempt at humor, for the humorless.

  1. I especially like the last one. A POTUS for the people of our times. The best humor always has a heavy dose of truth.

  2. I identified with the mentally unabalanced one…but I’m keeping
    a good attitude about it 🙂

  3. ROFL – I love the smiley face on the soldier’s scope.
    And the dinosaurs watching the Ark float away still cracks me up.

  4. My fave was the ‘vote for obummer again’. Going to have to snag that one and post on my facebook page….

  5. Oh wait, nevermind posted the whole thing…

  6. quick, somebody give the guy with the whiskers and red hat a dollar, he’ll use it to buy booze and get too drunk to remember to vote for big zero.

  7. LOl the one with obama and money is the best


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