Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day

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From Prologue:
I touched the scar on the left forearm just below the elbow.  I had the tattoo surgically removed.   There were so many people who didn’t know and so many questions:  “What do those numbers mean?”  “Is that your address?”  “Is that your phone number?”  
What was I supposed to say?   “That was my name for three years and forty-one days?” 
One day a kind doctor offered to remove it for me.  “This is not charity,” he assured me.  “It’s the least I can do as an American Jew.  You were there, I was not.”
So I chose to have the questions excised from my arm; but, not my mind —that can never be erased.  This piece of skin the doctor surgically removed rests in a jar of formaldehyde which has turned the flesh to an eerie green.  The tattoo has probably faded by now, I haven’t checked.  I need no reminders.  I know who I am.  I know what I was.
I was on the first Jewish transport to Auschwitz.  I was number 1716.” 

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  1. Holocaust Remembrance Day 2012: Because some forget and others deny (Cartoon, Video and the written word)!
    This article provides video, cartoon and the written word that explains why Jews around the world need to use Holocaust Remembrance Day as a reminder that the danger of history repeating itself is still a real one!
    Read at The Political Commentator here:

  2. Homeschool Mama

    Sha Alu Shalom Yerushalayim! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  3. My family are all Mormons now. I have no faith, though I avoid that subject on this blog because it’s hard for a non-believer conservative to find friends and you folks have been pretty accepting and welcoming to me. I posted last week on the 1983 murder of my grandmother Signe Feldman…her husband, my grandfather Frank Feldman, who I never knew, died in 1960, 5 years before I was born. He had two cousins from Germany who survived Bergen-Belzen. I sat on my Auntie’s lap as a child and mused about the faded greenish numbers on her arm. She just smiled when I asked about them and my dad said “Auntie doesn’t like to talk about that”. She died when I was eight.

  4. And to think there are those who claim it never happened.

  5. We must never forget, nor allow future generations to forget…

  6. so long as some men,in their pride and pseudo-scientific arrogance,
    thinking themselves superior ….label others and deny them the
    dignity bequeathed us all by being made in the image of Our Creator,
    then mankind ,born or unborn , will never be safe ….
    we must never forget ,
    we must remain vigilant ,
    we must stand stand for and protect the oppressed

  7. Today,April 19 2012,is also the 237th anniversary of the start of the American revolution.The ” shot,shots heard round the world ” were fired at both Lexington and Concord on this date in 1775.It is fitting that our American struggle for independence and the Jewish struggle for survival share a date in history.
    Wild Bill

  8. Sorry,I meant to add this link to my last post,
    This is a link to a video of a young Hungarian Jewish internee rescued from a death camp by American forces in the closing days of world war two.His story is both compelling and inspirational.I dare you to watch with dry eyes.
    Wild Bill

  9. Great and very touching video, thanks for sharing!


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