To serve and protect? Slain Utah athlete repeatedly called school, Salt Lake City police about harasser

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A primate example of why you cannot rely on anyone but yourself for your personal safety. A good reason to believe in the Second Amendment and exercise that right.

From Yahoo: Lauren McCluskey, the 21-year-old Utah track athlete who was abducted outside her Salt Lake City dorm and killed in October, had called both University of Utah police and Salt Lake City police multiple times to report her attacker’s harassment before her death, according to 911 calls obtained by CNN.

McCluskey was found dead in a parked car on campus on October 23 shortly after she had an argument outside of her residence hall with 37-year-old Melvin Rowland. McCluskey and Rowland had met in a bar in September and dated for about a month, per the report, before McCluskey learned that he was a convicted sex offender and had lied about his age and name. Rowland spent more than a decade in prison, was released on parole three times, and violated his parole and returned to prison twice. He killed himself hours after McCluskey’s death following a police chase.

McCluskey ended the relationship on October 9, blocked all communication from him and his friends, and even had university police accompany her to retrieve her car, which she had let him borrow. Rowland, though, wouldn’t leave her alone.

Over the next two weeks, according to CNN, McCluskey called University of Utah police multiple to report the harassment and an attempted extortion. She told police that she sent him $1,000 “in hopes of keeping compromising photos of her private.”

However McCluskey had grown frustrated at a lack of progress by university police, who she felt weren’t doing enough to stop Rowland, and started calling Salt Lake City police.

“I’m worried because I’ve been working with the campus police at the U, and last Saturday I reported and I haven’t gotten an update,” McCluskey told Salt Lake City police in a call to 911, via CNN. “They haven’t updated or done anything.”

She first called Salt Lake City police on October 13 after she had been blackmailed for money, per the report. They, though, advised her to call university police instead. When she called them a week later, they told her the same thing.

“I’ve contacted them already, I just wanted to talk to you as well,” McCluskey said in a call to 911, via CNN. “Yeah, I was just concerned because I wasn’t sure how long they were gonna take.”

University police conducted an internal review after her death, which the university said was not the result of any individual mistakes. The review also found university officers didn’t know how to look up criminal background or parole information.

“The review team’s report identified gaps in training, awareness and enforcement of certain policies rather than lapses in individual performance,” the university said, via CNN.

Her parents disputed the university’s report shortly after it was released. “There were numerous opportunities to protect her during the almost two weeks between the time when our daughter began expressing repeated, elevating, and persistent concerns about her situation and the time of her murder,” Jill and Matthew McCluskey wrote.


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13 responses to “To serve and protect? Slain Utah athlete repeatedly called school, Salt Lake City police about harasser

  1. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon at all. People have an obligation to themselves and others. Never expect someone else to defend you.

    To me this isn’t even an argument. If the leftists want to commit suicide, fine. I have no obligation to join them. For all we know that may be part of the great “refinement” process that we don’t understand. Sometimes the stupid die.

    This girl’s mistake was in believing the hype about cops being there in an emergency. If there were a fine or political perk in it for them they might try harder, otherwise, why bother?

    Examples like this are legion. Unless you’re a wealthy mover and shaker or have some personal connection, don’t expect any help from these public serpents. They collect your money and generally choose the path of least resistance.

  2. I read some other articles about this crime, the McCluskey girl was very naïve and unfortunately ignorant. Typical of these “college” progressives. Trying so hard to project how woke and tolerant they are to their own demise.
    This guy had a horrible history with women and multiple deviant behaviors in his treatment of women. He bragged about how he manipulated them-a real piece of work.
    What is amazing is there is a total blackout in the media of where he or his parents came from. (privacy reasons-ah huh)
    All I could find is he was born in the USA. sure…I can almost guarantee this guy/family are refugees/asylees/chain migration/lottery winners et al shipped here from some country that where women are property.
    His past & family history is obviously not good for the open borders diversity mulit-kulti crowd. Thanks demwits.

    • Yeah, there’s more to this I’m sure. This being Utah I’m a little surprised that they’d have too much “progressivism” in school. Could this 34 Year-old Melvin be a dindu?

      I think that some white girls “date” these creatures out of “shame” for being white. It’s an EXTREMELY bad idea. If the violence doesn’t get you the diseases will.

      All that being said, when someone contacts a police department to tell them that they are being stalked or harassed I would expect them to take whatever measures there are to keep the complainant safe.

      If that meant taking her out to the gun range and training her so be it. The fat that we have so many of these animals out there is indicative of the breakdown of our society.

      Isn’t it interesting how much effort they devote to protecting the guilty.

  3. A very sad ending to a young life and a stupid, unnecessary sacrifice
    all for political correctness.
    Be a assure that the left could care less, she was not any of their daughters, but she was someone’s daughter. Parents, teach your children to fight and servive nor bow to victim status.

  4. I know college campus police departments may not have every police power available to them like the municipal police have, but I can’t believe the “gaps in training, and awareness” line, either.

    They might as well be rent-a-cops, equipped only with walkie-talkies. Never mind, they probably are already – schools are gun-free zones.

  5. Law enforcement failed. 21 year old McCluskey was naive as MM stated and as evidenced by her dating a 37 year old man. Why some young women haven’t learned to be ultra cautious these days is astounding. Very sad.


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