To our readers: About those ads on FOTM

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No doubt, our faithful readers have noticed that three days ago, ads started appearing on Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM). They are called WordAds. Allow me to explain.
FOTM‘s server, WordPress (WP), offers something called WordAds to blogs that have achieved a certain minimum of traffic. What that number is, we don’t know. If a WordPress blog agrees, WP would insert ads into the blog, a portion of the revenue from those ads would go to the blog.
The ads I’ve agreed to are two for each post: a static ad and a video ad placed at the bottom of the post.
So far, the ads I’ve seen aren’t offensive. They are ads for national brands, e.g., LifeLock, Macy’s, Ford, a movie or documentary. The coolest one I’ve seen is a video ad for Northrop Grumman, the U.S. aerospace & defense technology company. Watching that ad is a treat! For the video ads, you can turn down the volume of your computer, tablet, or smart phone, thereby muting the video.
I’m not a fan of ads, but I honestly don’t find the ads on FOTM offensive, nor are they as obtrusive and cluttered as what I see on other blogs and websites. Out of respect to them, I’m not naming names, but you all know which ones. They are legion. LOL
To be honest with you, I’m fascinated by the fact that both WordPress and the businesses that place their ads are willing to take on FOTM, a conservative “right-wing” Christian blog.
After thinking long and hard about this, here are my reasons for hosting WordAds:

  1. Revenue ($): I have no idea how much ad revenue FOTM will get; I’ll have an idea after the first 45 days. I don’t expect a lot, but even $10 a month is still more than zero. For myself, I hope to recoup the expenses that I incur every year for FOTM:
  • $99 a year to WordPress for our own domain name (, extra storage space, etc.
  • About $100 a year for membership in people search engines and genealogy sites, which help me in my investigative research into, for example, Sandy Hook and the crew members of Space Shuttle Challenger.
  • About $100 a year in donation to sites that I/we frequently use for information, e.g., Wikipedia, Judicial Watch, Campus Reform.
  1. Some extra dollars in financial compensation for FOTM‘s writers, who have been giving you their time, energy, and talent for years for zero pay.
  2. There is nothing wrong with hosting ads on FOTM, as long as the ads are not offensive or contrary to our values. It is called capitalism. I promise you that:

  • Two ads per post will be the maximum.
  • We won’t “sell our souls” by changing our values and what we write to please advertisers. If an advertiser or WordPress objects to our content, FOTM will quit WordAds.

For years, our loyal readers have been getting FOTM for free. This hasn’t changed; nor are you being asked to donate, as some blogs do. The only difference is that now there’ll be 1 or 2 ads at the end of a post.
So, how about it? Is this new arrangement okay with y’all?
On behalf of the FOTM writing team, thank you for reading our posts and for your intelligent, provocative, and often funny comments.

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0 responses to “To our readers: About those ads on FOTM

  1. I for one hope that the money comes rollin’ in by the bushel-fulls. I think we can accurately say the time of the conservative has arrived, since business are ready and willing to spent their ad money on this forum. I cannot even begin to express the joy I get from reading FOTM each day, and I have a grateful heart to all those who contribute . . . God Bless You! If there is ever a time when you feel it would be adventitious to accept donations–I am not adverse to that idea either. Thank you so much Dr Eowyn for your time and talent in bringing us a Christ centered blog.

    • Well said, Auntie! FOTM is my favorite conservative, Christ-centered site on the net and am truly thankful to Dr. Eowyn for delivering these tasty morsels to my inbox daily. I can’t imagine how much work and dedication it requires to be this successful and I surely don’t mind the ads, having worked in advertising/marketing for years. Like Auntie says…I pray you rake in the cash!

  2. I installed AdBlock when I bought my laptop and I don’t see any ads yet. But you do what you have to do. Problem is, the offensive ads will come: Will WP remove them?

  3. I agree with Auntie LuLu.

  4. Do what you need to do Dr. Eowyn. You have my support. 🙂

  5. And ditto by me to all the above. To paraphrase Victorian-era writer Samuel Smiles [yes, his real name] “Happiness is a positive cash flow!”
    It’s more than enough that Eo finds the time she does to pull & keep FOTM together, but that she should lose money is double-plus ungood, especially when it’s on our behalf!

  6. Thank you, AuntieLulu, kelliepage, MA in MO, MomOfIV, and josephbc69. You guys/gals are the best. <3

  7. I love the kitten and his little computer! Keep up the good work, all of you at FOTM!

  8. Not a problem here. Keep things going!

  9. So far, so good, not a problem and I fully understand. I have been in awe of you from the beginning, when I was blessed to find you, on just how much time is given to achieve such accuracy.
    Carry on, dear staff, I am enjoying you very much. And learning, which is a good thing.

  10. I read this blog everyday and absolutely love it, and with entrepreneurial spirit, I was thrilled to see the ads. If something is offensive to me me, I just ignore it, but nothing I have seen is offensive.

  11. I’m good. NNTE (no need to explain)…..far LESS bothersome than the pop ups that I MUST encounter & handle daily at my own school website—-for which I am ACCOUNTABLE each day for my admin. posts and whatever through the day…..This is a breeze….and I hope it is profitable!

  12. Kevin J Lankford

    It is still well to consider why many have turned their backs on mainstream media. Commercialization is the rule, and it is special interest and government propagandism that now control the content through their enticements, and, no doubt, coercion.
    No one should condemn one for trying to profit from their efforts, as long as they don’t have to betray their own conscience.

  13. For all the hard work you do , go for it . Might as well profit from it . I know darn well you won’t sell out for the almighty ” fake ” dollar !!!

  14. Heck … why should a couple ads here bother anyone? Everywhere we go, we are attacked by someone wanting our money. Even my email accounts have advertising, anymore. I don’t have a problem with you folks making some money as long as the ads don’t get ridiculous. But, as you say, I can “X” the one out and turn the volume down on the other. So …. GOFER it!!! 😉


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