To Obama, from We the People

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I’ve received several email tips from readers (the most recent from Wendy) for this video that I first posted on FOTM on May 17, 2010.  It’s so good it deserves another viewing, so I’m returning this to FOTM’s front page.

Since this video was posted onto YouTube on February 10, 2010, it’s had a phenomenal 10,121,353 views. Of the 15,520 people who had rated the video, 13,400 said they like it, but 2,120 mind-numbed Obamabots gave it a “thumbs down” (I dislike it).
Please consider going to the video’s website on YouTube (CLICK HERE) and give it a “thumbs up”!

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2 responses to “To Obama, from We the People

  1. EO
    I couldn’t live long enough to say it any better than this video. I did write a little poem for Our Liberal friends–I would like to share it with you.
    Just Cleaning House
    Our house is full of vampire bats
    Our Senate full of rabid rats
    There’s Barney Frank the scummy slob
    Disgusting Massachusetts blob
    His girly man at Fannie May
    Made millions with him in the hay.
    Pelosi shrugged and played it dumb
    Her answers prove her brain is numb.
    Now Specter made his two faced move
    He has no honor he can prove.
    The white house full of acrid slime
    Will be deloused at voting time.
    Do not despair for future pain
    It all comes clean with one good rain.

  2. This is an absolutely great video! I cried when I watched it! I still cry and shudder knowing that millions of babies have been killed here as a result of the laws allowing abortion. And Obama is a rabid supporter of abortion “rights” and the sick and evil law that has allowed it. Before we can save our Republic, we must first come back to Our Lord and His commandments!


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