Time Traveller in 1928?

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Once again, it’s time to go down that rabbit hole.

George Clarke is a film maker. He bought a DVD set of Charlie Chaplin films. Included in the “Extras” of the Chaplin’s “The Circus” was footage of the movie’s 1928 premiere at the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.
A scene from the premiere shows a big-boned woman (could be a man in drag) dressed in the style of the late 1920s of dress, coat, stockings, shoes, and hat. “She” was holding something that sure looks like a wireless cell phone to her left ear and talking into it while walking.

My question: If “she” was talking into a cell phone, who’s the cell phone service provider? Was it Sprint? LOL
H/t BeforeIt’sNews.

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0 responses to “Time Traveller in 1928?

  1. Look to me like this person was just blocking their face from the sun or maybe camera shy?

  2. Ok, that was very odd…never really thought of time travelers but this has me thinking. And a drag time traveler? Oh the left are going to love this!

  3. Even if he/she (it DOES appear to be a man in drag), traveled forward through time, then traveled back again bringing the cell phone with him, it surely wouldn’t have worked. This is inexplicable. It just doesn’t make any sense unless it was a damaged footage and was recreated and they didn’t “stop to THINK” when they recreated it, that cell phones weren’t invented yet.
    That would be the ONLY explanation I could come up with. But I doubt that the footage was damaged so….

  4. They are time travellers so far advanced that they’re still using hand held phones? I doubt it, coincidentally the person stops mid frame and turns to the camera………….the person seems very out of place. kinda neat premise though. Now if we could only go back in time knowing what we know now, I would have voted differently.

  5. maybe you people should watch doctor who and have a little more faith in the exponentially growing technological discoveries in the world:)

    • Hey, blue, I am a huge Doctor Who fan. That being said, it’s downright hilarious that you’re talking down to us, asking us to have “a little more faith” in a Scifi/Fantasy TV series.
      Not only are you mixing Faith with Science (Faith being the realm of Religion and Metaphysics), you also confuse Fantasy with Reality (Science). Do you even begin to know the many many Science problems involved in the notion of time travel — problems as with Laws of Physics, as in how one can travel faster than light itself?
      You might begin studying this by looking at this Wikipedia article on “Time Travel”,espcially the Grandfather Paradox.


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