Time To Get Fired Up Again. We The People Are Fed Up

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Posted by Judson Phillips on March 31, 2011 at 6:36am in Tea Party Nation Forum
This is from Tea Party Nation E Mail I received this AM.
If you have read my previous columns on the subject of Boehner and the spineless GOP, all I have to say here is ditto and we are done.
It is time for the Tea Party to act. We have said this before and we need to make them listen. All of the members of congress are up for election in eighteen months. We need to remind the 84 republican freshmen how they got there and for the other members of congress, we need to remind them, they are not a shoe in for reelection. We have a primary election process and we the people are not happy.
I am calling my Congressman today. I have known her since before she was elected to Congress and well before the Tea Party movement got started. I am going to have one simple message for her. If you support this bill that only cuts $33 billion from the budget, I am going to support someone in a primary against you.
As for Boehner, there is no compromise.
The people of America elected Republicans to cut the budget. The message was overwhelmingly clear. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are driving America off of a fiscal cliff. The American people wanted the Republicans to put the brakes on. All John Boehner is doing is watching the scenery go by and lighting another cigarette.
Boehner must go. The Tea Party must unite and make sure Boehner is replaced in the next election. Boehner is living proof of something I have said for a long time. It is not enough that we vote out bad leaders, we must replace them with good leaders. Getting Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker’s seat was a good thing. Unfortunately, her replacement has not been very good. We need people in leadership who are committed to cutting spending and eliminating these programs.
That is not John Boehner. Apparently, he’s just another Washington good old boy, who, after 20 years in DC, has lost touch with America.
Our ultimate strategy here needs to be to make sure the debt ceiling is not raised. If we can win on this one, Congress will be forced to make changes. This is a message that, unfortunately, few leaders in the Tea Party have been carrying. We have been talking about it here at Tea Party Nation for quite a while; probably to the point some people are tired of hearing about it. Our friend, Joseph Farah over at World Net Daily has been really pushing this issue. According to Farah, all we need are 218 Republicans in the House to say no and the debt ceiling does not get raised. There have been a number of defections from Boehner on the budget process to date. All we need is 218 members of congress to say no and we will have a balanced budget. It will have to happen since Congress will not be able to borrow more money.
In the last few days, we have seen the messaging from the left. The Tea Party is fading. The Tea Party’s negative ratings are rising. The Tea Party is “extreme.” The Tea Party is an obstacle in the path of compromise.
To paraphrase Barry Goldwater:
Extremism in defense of our country and stopping those who will bankrupt her is no vice, and compromise with those who would spend us into poverty is no virtue.

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0 responses to “Time To Get Fired Up Again. We The People Are Fed Up

  1. Great article, Judson!! Making a call to your congress member & knowing her personally helps, but most of us don’t even know our congress member. They won’t even respond to our e-mails or letters (that’s been my experience).
    I like the headline …Time to…” cause that’s part of a book just out that’s about Americans who finally take a stand again their govt. I recommend it only cause it’s about average Americans (like all of us) & fight as our founding fathers did. It’s a must read for the upcoming 2012 races.
    ( http://www.booksbyoliver.com ).
    Again, thanks for keeping the TeaParty in the media.

  2. As well Steve,thanks for posting this,I received a e-mail from my congressman lastnight on this-he has an R by his name,I was furious. I immediately wrote back letting him know how unhappy I was with this. Speaker Boehner is definitely not capable here. I said “You have the power of the purse,use it!” What the weasels that have been left in have shown me,is that they are in the same pocket obama is. They need to go. We have Michele Bachmann,Jim Demint and the incoming freshman that are fighting for the people and thats it. Please support the Tea Party if you have an extra dollar. We must show them the “Tea Party” is “We the People” and we are not going away. John Boehner has let us down terribly. In more ways than one. My feeling here is-his crying-was an admission of guilt for something he has done or is going to do. I feel at one time he was legit,but not anymore. My congressman is a fool. When I pounded him with obamas inelegibility,he wrote back and said,”He was told” he was eligible. I said”Wow,if I TOLD you to jump off a cliff” Would you do it??? No,this proposal is not acceptable. I also offered a few suggestions like-“Cut funding for dept of Education” give it back to the states,Defund the UN-Defund IRS,Defund EPA,Cut funding for Hi-speed rail, Stop foreign aid,except to Israel. I said heres a start-

    • thanks sage. I am not going to let the Country my grandfathers,Uncles and so many dear friends,fought for,go down. The only good thing about the last 2 years is it has woken so many people up,and they better fight like hell also,cause its going fast. My heart and soul tell me the end game is not going to be pretty,but Americans will prevail.

  3. Budget Pharmacology
    Way over in the corner,
    Beset by fits and starts,
    The trouble-makers loiter
    And practice their black arts.
    They just don’t keep their focus,
    At least like you and I.
    Their minds begin to wander;
    Their thoughts go all awry.
    When jolted by a crisis
    They go into a state,
    Unable to face problems
    That make them concentrate.
    Just take a look at Durbin
    Whose thoughts have gone askew,
    Ignoring our debt crisis
    And lecturing on chew.
    And how ’bout Charlie Schumer’s
    Extremist conference call?
    I’m worried ’bout that fellow;
    He needs his Adderall.
    Of course, there’s good old Harry
    A Leader, sure as sin,
    With poetry for cowboys:
    Rush in the Ritalin!
    And then we have odd Barney
    The Bay State’s figurine,
    Who’s introducing ENDA;
    He’s out of Dexedrine.
    We need the pharma lobby
    To generate a pill,
    That brings a little focus
    To members on the Hill.
    I know it’s hard to get there
    For those with ADD,
    But please just pass a budget,
    That ends the spending spree!

  4. This congress has been in place for three months and has made nary a dent in Obama’s rapidly moving agenda.
    Obamacare is rolling right along, and the spending cuts being proposed are a complete joke.
    I have yet to hear any repubs really go after Obama, Holder, Broomy Hildabeast, or any of the other incompetent boobs in this rogue administration from Hell.
    Forget November of 2012, I want to see the RINO recall petitions cranking up now, as I am not at all convinced 2012 is going to arrive in time to turn this ship around before it goes over the waterfall once and for all.

    • I’m glad I am not the only one feeling this Dave.

      • It’s time for the conservatives, if there are any left among them, to drag Boehner out of the tanning booth and tell him to get busy.
        Apparently he really doesn’t ‘get it.’
        We as a nation don’t have time for his screwing around anymore, and at the moment, he is the only person in a position to throw any big, hairy monkey wrenches into the gears of the Obama machine.

        • And Tan Man won’t step up…he’s part of the “network” & political machine.
          Time for Cain or a woman wth the cajones to get the job done IMO..,

  5. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about wrapping and soaking the torches and sharpening the pitchforks.
    No joke.


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