Time to Abolish Federal Dept of Education?

The Department of Education was enacted as a cabinet level entity during the Carter administration.   The purpose was to interact and harmonize the US educational goals with the ministries of education of other nations, particularly the G7 countries.  
My friend, Charlotte Iserbyt, accepted a Senior Policy Advisor at the Dept of Ed as a Reagan appointee based on the stated goal of abolished the federal Dept of Ed.  When she found that far from abolishing it, the United States was involved in significant “educational exchanges” with the Soviet Union where we were adopting their expertise in “training a compliant Workforce”  in exchange for giving them our technology, she blew the whistle and was fired. 
She has two websites with thousands of files in PDF format available for free download:
Google her name if you want more info on Charlotte Iserbyt.  She’s written many articles and there are numerous videos of her interviews on Youtube.

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Candance Moore
Candance Moore

It’s amazing this department has only been around for 35 years but they act like it’s impossible to live without. How oh how did children get an education before then?


Ain’t it funny that American “education” has been going down the crapper ever since this department was created.
I just hope Jihad Jimmy lives long enough to see this worthless federal agency done away with.


Yes,yes and hell yes! cut the funding,give it back to the states. This is one of the worst cases of graft in the Country.


A department with no natural function as one… created by a Democratic administration, its budget doubled under the current Democratic administration. Gee, I think it could be eliminated. Safely.