Time for the Barf Bag

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Here’s a reminder of the very unobjective journalist profession:
On Chris “I-feel-a-thrill-up-my-leg” Matthews’ show, Howard Fineman, senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek magazine, gushes that “of course” Obama “is much smarter than us” (0:28 mark):


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0 responses to “Time for the Barf Bag

  1. aaaaak….retch….puhleeze,no more. I avoid shows like that …like I avoid
    flying. It’s like being molested by the TSA. I feel dirty and I’m going to shower now.

  2. Obama might be smarter than you, Howard, but that isn’t saying very much.

  3. i wonder has a liberal ever dislocated their shoulder patting themselves on the back? also i just read an old post from last year and saw a comment from Dave from Atlanta i haven’t seen any comments from Dave from Atlanta in quite some time

  4. I do believe my cats are smarter than Skippy!

  5. Who is the commenting clown that declared the Obamamama is “much smarter” than the rest of us? From my POV, my Pomeranians are 500% more intelligent than our proto-fascist NWO self-deceived “leader” is.


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