Thursday Political Funnies!

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H/t GiGi and other FOTM readers!


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8 responses to “Thursday Political Funnies!

  1. Ginsburg was nominated by 97-3. Does this reflect the power & influence of the AIPAC lobby, which represents a foreign nation, not the people of the US?

  2. My favorite is the donkey holding a light pole in the non-existent storm.

  3. I thought all of these were funny, save the one about Colin K and Nike. That I felt was truth, but sadly, will never be seen as such by half of the nation.

  4. The RBG is hilarious!

  5. Thanks! We needed that! I loved esp. the Ginsberg funny….but half to 75% of the USA population won’t “get it.” To “get it,” you have to know who she is in this picture, then, understand the context of both Ruth Bader Ginsburg (age and era) AND the era of the US during the Civil War. Then you have to compare/contrast them in order to “get ” the relationship to today’s Supreme Court news-events. This is a STRETCH these days: At my school now, they read “graphic novels” (like comic books—only they are “novels” now—pictures with minimal words to tell the story…b/c…no one spells OR reads much nowadays….)…..instead of “regular chapter books” with words that make sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, whole stories/novels. Few read a newspaper today. Fewer watch any news outside of the likes of SNL…which is where they get their news. No one reads history at all. Half the school is in “remedial” Math and English courses…which means that they don’t get any History or Science….they get double periods of Math and English….which means that they can flunk them twice each per semester instead of once each……b/c…(here we go in our big circle/cyclical thinking exercise:) everyone knows that you don’t READ anymore in either History or Science (???) and so it is of no use to “English” learners or those who otherwise are failing English. (Sarc).


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