Thursday Open Thread

I’ve got long-postponed business to attend to today, so here’s an Open Thread for y’all. I’ll throw out the first topic to debate/discuss in the form of a poll:
For what should we impeach Obama? (yes, yes, I know it’s Congress that impeaches, but We the People can get the ball rolling….)


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9 years ago

Impeachment? The least of his worries…How about a Federal penetentiary stateroom for life?

Ron Baby
Ron Baby
9 years ago

I might agree with Frank on principle but in reality we would have to prove treason to get the bum in a pen. I wish there was some way we could prove all his millions came from Muslims overseas, but he hid that pretty well. We could try the dereliction of duty and his failure to execute his duties as President and his blatant denial of the Constitution. By the way–Have any of you ever noticed that he has no American flags around him when he speaks? This guy is truly un-American. Unfortunately that is not enough to take him… Read more »

Dave from Atlanta
Dave from Atlanta
9 years ago

Personally I would like to get to the bottom of the whole social security number issue. Most of the people who have written on the subject are saying there is some criminal behavior if he indeed is using someone else’s SSN. That issue strikes me as beging the tip of a very deep iceberg.