Thursday funny (Virginia governor edition)!

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Demorats in Virginia have a big problem on their hands.

Maybe President Trump can provide an assist?


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15 responses to “Thursday funny (Virginia governor edition)!

  1. One down, two down, three down………and many more will follow, it’s a matter of time, we just have to sit, wait and watch. By the way, all before President Trump, left the White House looking so drained, droopy, not POTUS, so far do good! He’s so energetic, a fighting force! DJT 2020.

  2. God Agrees To Spare Virginia If Just 10 Democrats Who Never Wore Blackface Can Be Found 😇

    • Yeah, but did they eat grits or pone? Surely THAT qualifies as “racist (TM)”. Hey, I grew up eating that stuff. I don’t think there’s any pictures though!

    • Your’e more likely to find three wise men a virgin in DC that to find 10 in VA that didn’t.

  3. Deep thoughts of a Virginia Governor: “Thank God, they won’t kick me out for advocating & explaining medical infanticide (from my vantage point of a peidatric Dr., no less—-whoa….did I maybe DO THIS infanticide in my past without “telling? Did I just “tell” on myself on national TV?), totally overlooked as yet……but I just might squeak by with the Black-face error in judgment—-or not—it seems to be a really BIGGER deal with my party who wails constantly about “RACISM” of the opposition. What to do? What to do?”

  4. The whole Northam debacle proves one thing: People are more upset about what a frat boy did in college than they are about that same frat boy, as governor three decades later, advocating outright infanticide—and the fact that Planned Parenthood gave his campaign over two million dollars doesn’t even make a dent in the public consciousness. (At least this is what the mainstream media assumes as its “narrative.”)

    Gov. Cuomo (whom I call “Son of Cuomo” because his father was a horror show!) started the ball rolling on this. But Not to Worry: Cardinal Dolan “assures” us that no formal writ of excommunication shall be forthcoming. A fit tribute to a Gangster!

    God Shall Not be mocked.

  5. I don’t care what the govner did 30+ years ago. I care that he lied about it now instead of issueing a mea culpa. This guy is a dyed in the wool progressive socialist that started giving the taxpayes money away before the echoes of his oath had faded. And oh yeah and there was that abortion thingy.

  6. This helps expose the Democrats KKK roots and the Confederacy which they hate, but I don’t.

    Lincoln’s Marxist 48ers. Remember the War Between The States was the first successful Marxist revolution.

    • Yep, when I was in college I took a history course that was mainly on Lincoln. I’ve also made somewhat of an amateur study of “The War of Northern Aggression”. My wife was raised in the “Daughters of the Confederacy” and I’ve had many wonderful discussion with her grandmother and with my own mother for that matter.

      This is one of those examples that we all “know” about, but still are shocked when confronted with actual facts. I think part of it comes from our unwillingness to look at history as if it were based on real people doing things in real time. These guys were people before they were statues:

      • Lo….here I am again….so identifying with you. My Virginia husband descends from a prominant military family that, amongst other things, gave up/lost 2 Confederate Generals during the Civil War. I, on the other hand, born in PA, lost from our family constellation a generational immigrant, German Reformed father of 6 in his 45th year, a lowly 1st Sergeant, killed at Hatcher’s Run 1865 after serving ALL the Civil War, from even the first 3-month (state militia) enlistment. I also descend from Quakers, amongst other pacifist sects that no one pretty much knows about, like the Mennonites. On at least one of my pacifist Quaker graves in PA is a oblisk engraved with ” A defender of the American slave during American slavery.” This was in tribute to a relative who, tho’ pacifist, would track “slave catchers” from the South who acted upon the “Fugitive Slave Act” to recapture slaves whom had been captured or “recaptured” for return to the South. Of course, he was also a part of the “Underground Railroad” that moved escapees from slavery to the north. So, yes… husband and I are a match of those who came from opposite history…and yet….agree today upon the necessary path to American greatness through a Repbulic Democracy, capitalistism, and the upholding of lawful state policies based in our Constitution. To the likes of Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, we say “MOLON LABE.” We’ve PAID for this history with the blood of our family members on one side or another, and we are NOT going to give it over to the likes of the youngest and oldest socialist-agitators ensconced by the votes of the idiots amongst us.

        • As I’m sure you know, what passes for “history” is seldom accurate. I love real history, not because it is always “pretty”, but it is always instructive. It teaches us about our connectedness to our ancestors.

          In this sense, as in the link I provided, I take the lesson that there have always been those who are honorable and those who manipulate. There is seldom a day of my life that I don’t find myself thinking “who appointed you to engineer my future?”.

          What America has over others is that wonderful promise. It is the acknowledgement that rights are “God-given” and protected by our government (in theory). It is a beautiful idea.

          What we see now is the attempt to scrap all that in favor of an engineered hive existence. Their certain hope is that we will come to desire free stuff to such a degree that we will allow ourselves to be slaves. This current push is part of an ancient plan only now becoming so obvious that it takes willfulness to ignore it.

          Even for those who cannot or refuse to see the authors of their ultimate demise, it is undeniable that political events are leading them to that denouement. They may refuse to acknowledge their masters by name but they’ll be just as dead as those who do.

          It really doesn’t take much study to see the same dynamic at work in the Nineteenth Century as we see now. The propaganda may look a little different, but the message is the same. It is that timeless dance between the users and the used.


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