Anti-border wall libtard rapper says Nazi Germany built the Berlin Wall

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Libtard Alert!

Like you, I’ve never heard of a hip-hop rapper named Talib Kweli Greene (that’s actually his birth name).

Wiki describes Greene, 43, as a Brooklyn “hip hop recording artist, entrepreneur, and social activist” whose mother (Brenda Greene) is a CUNY English professor and father an Adelphi University administrator. Talib’s younger brother Jamal is a Columbia Law School professor of constitutional law.

Alas, when it comes to the Greene family IQ, Talib is the odd man out — or maybe not, given Affirmative Action/racial quotas in America’s “higher education”.

On December 21, 2018, responding to another twitterer on the US-Mexico border wall, Greene tweeted that Nazi Germany built the Berlin Wall.

Greene’s tweet received 31 likes by other morons before he deleted the tweet.

Fortunately, smarter netizens took a screenshot of his tweet as evidence (h/t Conservative Firing Line).

As we all know, the Berlin Wall had nothing to do with Nazi Germany, which ceased to exist in 1945 when it was defeated by the Allies.

The Berlin Wall was a product of the post-WWII Cold War. Constructed by the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) or East Germany in 1961, the wall divided Berlin for 28 years before the socialist GDR government opened it in November 1989, which paved the way for the reunification of East and West Germany in October 1990. Demolition of the wall was completed in 1992.

Talib Kweli Greene is why “libtard” is not a term of derogation or insult, but an appropriate descriptive word.

To test how well-informed you are, take Pew Research Center’s 10-question News IQ Quiz, then report back to us on your score! To take the quiz, click here.

I found the quiz to be very easy. A perfect 10/10 score means you scored better than 90% of the public, God help us.

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15 responses to “Anti-border wall libtard rapper says Nazi Germany built the Berlin Wall

  1. yep, got 10 of 10 and yes, it was very easy

  2. 10/10

  3. You answered 10 of 10 questions correctly.
    You scored better than 90% of the public and the same as 10%.

    Anyone think it’s a little fishy with those who checked “Post Graduate”?
    How could they miss France when events there are more recent than the older event in the UK that’s been in the news a while coupled with on going yackety yack?

    Oh well, just a thought.

  4. 8 for 10 lead not aresnic. ryan not mcconnell. oops.

  5. That was easy, but I am highly offended! They only gave two choices for gender. What if mine wasn’t listed? The folks at Pew Research must be bigots.😁

  6. 10/10. Maybe I could teach at Harvard.

  7. Goobermint ejumikashion sucks.

  8. 10/10 .. very easy. But then, we older folks weren’t dumbed down like the current generations, including Talib Greene. What a dufus.

  9. Wow, a whole family of Mensa scholars. This is the model they want for us all. Who says “Affirmative Action” doesn’t work?

    Personally I don’t think its as bad being this dumb as listening to someone like him. Must be my “white privilege and toxic masculinity” again.

  10. I am a High School throw out and got 10/10… I did go to trade school after the fact though…

  11. Aced it – 10/10

    I heard Talib’s name before, but probably not in well over a decade. Most rappers have moved onto other forms of media (TV/movies) cause they figure out they can’t rap about the same old stuff for 20 years. Their vocabulary is quite limited to begin with.

    Maybe he fell asleep in history class while his teacher was talking about Nazis, and woke up when teacher was talking about the Cold War.

    His pop being an administrator at Adelphi doesn’t lend much intelligence either. Adelphi is supposed to be a really easy school to attend.

  12. I have never known a rapper to have any level of intelligence worth talking about. These individuals need to stick to their foul mouth, hateful mentality rap and keep the heck away from world history. They keep failing in American/World history classes with a grade of F-.

  13. Yep, we’re all in a race to the bottom, Folks!

  14. I wish Greene and Ocassio-Cortez would take the DNA test to prove or disprove their genetically shared inheritance…particularly academic ability and overall IQ. Pure and public observation alone says they have some link going on there. Just curious, in the public interest, that is, since I am one of the interested and concerned public……


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