Thursday Funny: The ultimate dumb blonde

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dumb blonde car owner
Why am I not surprised she’s a Californian? LOL
H/t FOTM’s maziel

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0 responses to “Thursday Funny: The ultimate dumb blonde

  1. I like that-it really “drives the dumb blonde joke home.”

  2. LOL – I bet the car owner gets a lot of interesting comments.

  3. Why are you taking this joke post so personally?
    The license plate, including the word “California,” is upside down. That violates state law. In 2008, an appellate court in San Diego ruled that having one’s license plate upside-down violates Vehicle Code 5201.

  4. I would not want to ride with her. 😳

  5. Lisa, why oh why do you prove my point every time we post a blonde joke. Lighten up.
    Do you know her? Is it her car? Maybe it was just used for a photo shoot. Maybe she’s not making her $ 500 payment and it’s about to be repossessed. You have no sense of humor.
    Oh and by the way it’s against the law…see below

  6. O.K. …. just can’t let this opportunity pass:
    (Apologies to Lisa, if they’re needed)
    What does a blonde owl say?
    ‘What?’… ‘What?’
    What did the blonde name her pet zebra?
    What did the blonde say when the doctor told her that she was pregnant?
    ‘Gee…. I hope it’s mine.’
    What did they call the blonde who was found dead in a closet?
    The 2005 Hide And Seek champion.
    …. and for those of you who were waiting for one of a more ‘adult’ nature:
    Why was the blonde’s coffin shaped like a triangle?
    Because every time her head hit a pillow, her legs opened.
    …. and just to be fair:
    Why are blonde jokes so stupid?
    So brunettes can get them.


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