Thursday Funny! The owl that doesn't give a hoot

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That’s what I’d like to do to Democrats who, despite her money and email scandals, still think Hillary is just ginger-peachy. (See “Hillary Clinton viewed even more favorably in new poll, despite scandals“)

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0 responses to “Thursday Funny! The owl that doesn't give a hoot

  1. This is so unbelievable . . . that Americans and illegals in this country have lost all semblance of personal integrity, and they actually think her dealings are just fine!

    • I can’t believe they’re actually allowed to vote! (Good thing it’s not a “popular vote”-can you just IMAGINE what kind of nominations there’d be?) SO–When does Killary get extradited to Saudi to face her charges there? If THEY go first,there won’t be a need to schedule any Court date for her here.

  2. HMMM-If Obama refused to send her over,would they declare WAR on the US??

  3. An event like THAT is where a STRONG foreign policy structure and lots of Allies would be—OH,right-John Kerry. WELL-we’d be SO screwed.

  4. That’s funny!


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