Thursday Funny: The airport greeter

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Obama welcomes ISIS
H/t FOTM’s maziel

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  1. That picture just about says it all!

  2. ISIS is what is is.

  3. Even that is too good a position and uniform for this evil Commander in Creep. Here’s a US writer on SPUTNIK today, Stan Vaughan · Hall of Fame
    “Will we see John McCain make a statement about the Russian pilots not only shot down by Turkey but suffering war crime? Today after the despicable Turkish downing claim of Russian jet, Сегодня я русский. Who will join me?
    Attacking persons parachuting from an aircraft in distress is a war crime under Protocol I in addition to the 1949 Geneva Conventions Even John McCain was not shot by Vietnamese while parachuting to earth… Think on that.”
    Think on that: the Creep put ALL US military in harm’s way by his disgusting, treasonous actions for all his slimy term. And I thought the Clintons were the worst ever!!

  4. So true. Now I read where he has brought in 980,000 in the last five years.
    Loved the pic.
    Has anyone heard or read where some are coming in on UPS planes and hauled away in busses? Trying to verify.

  5. Are Brad Pitt and his bodyguards also waiting for the “refugees” at the airport? 🙂

  6. WASHINGTON (AP) — “Amid a growing political controversy, the Obama administration on Wednesday reminded state officials across the country that states do not have legal authority to refuse to accept Syrian refugees.”
    Oh really, Mr President? I thought that the Constitution was very clear on this matter; specifically, Article IV Section 4, and the Tenth Amendment to said document. Please show us how you are keeping individual States free from “Invasion and domestic Violence” and how your point is ‘specifically enumerated.’ I vote with the state governors who are defying you — and with the lifting of the veil of ignorance in Sweden.
    “Democracy is the right of the people to elect their own tyrants.” -James Madison

  7. K. I’m stealing that one. 😀

  8. I hate this BASTARD’S guts so much it wears me out. But then I get ahold of myself and remember he is our CONDIGN PUNISHMENT from God for our collective sins. Yes, as the book title says, he is “Rothschild’s Choice.” But he is such a passive liar, he just wears me out.
    But that effect of cognitive dissonance is not his alone: We have been beaten down—ever since at least the Kennedy assassination, really, bit by bit by bit.
    I see three things going on in the cultural and political milieu with Obama. First, as God allows or passively (or even actively) wills bad leaders for sinful people, Obama can be seen as a BAROMETER of the collective corporate level of immorality and cynicism—much like Bill Clinton (and even George H.W. Bush). Second, I see Gresham’s Law at work: Have you noticed that every President since Bush the Elder has just gotten worse? IT’S GOING TO KEEP GETTING WORSE, REGARDLESS OF WHO IS ELECTED. (And that includes Trump or Cruz). Gresham’s Law was originally applied to the money supply: We can back our currency with either gold or silver, BUT NOT BOTH: Bad money will drive out the good. It can also be seen as driving down the culture as a whole. (Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s “Defining Deviancy Down” explains a lot).
    Third, and this is the sticking point, because people just don’t get it: NO MAN is elected President on his own. Presidents are SE-lected and NOT E-lected. The average man in the street cannot probe beyond what he sees on the stage. He cannot look beyond the play in front of him. He cannot see beyond the shadows on the wall. Not because he is stupid: To do so creates a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance. He has the intellect but not the training. Hence our Ruling Elite, in its MALEVOLENT ENCOURAGEMENT, has given us the narrative of the “Conspiracy Theory.”
    This is what I see in the cartoon and in the Plato’s Cave we are stuck in.
    HOW do the Ruling Elites pull it off? They have their workforce—their sirens, lackies and bureaucrats. But they also have their cosmology, their metaphysic and ontology. They have their MAGIC and their oracle.
    The volume of study to be done is intimidating for any man. I’ve been studying the New World Order assiduously for six years, and I am still overwhelmed by the workload of things to keep pace with and the roots to trace back.
    To be fair and true: The average man in the street may be more intelligent and perceptive than Obama (or even George W. Bush)—of this I am certain. Obama is their POINT MAN, their lacky. And they certainly want a man who will do as he is told, and not someone who can figure anything out. Even our polticians have their cognitive dissonance.
    The Question is: When does the madness—and the flippancy—end?

  9. Funny indeed…
    and chilling.

  10. Steven, I’m with you 150%. And as for the end? Turkey may well be the final evil straw that breaks everyone’s back….


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