Ted Cruz tries to kiss his daughter

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The girl is Caroline Cruz, age 7.

Somebody made this GIF from the video:
Ted Cruz kisses daughter
Maybe I should re-title this post “Thursday Creepy” instead. LOL
H/t FOTM‘s maziel

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0 responses to “Ted Cruz tries to kiss his daughter

  1. Pretty tall for a 7 yr old??

  2. Damn , there is something odd about that video . In a normal family a 7 yr. old girl loves her daddy . Rarely if ever tries to avoid a little kiss on the cheek . Any other comment would be pure speculation .
    But , as Arsenio Hall used to say , ” Things make you go hmmmmmmmm” !

  3. “Hmmmmm” was my reaction too… and did anyone else notice that she doesn’t even look at her dad?

  4. Wow! Either his daughter is an ill tempered little thing . . . OR she is being forced into participating in a photo-op against her will. Whatever the case–this really looks creepy!

  5. This video is giving me pause to reconsider my earlier gut feelings that perhaps the entire Cruz family is another paper clipped one. I still can’t find any “I’m pregnant” photos of Heidi, nor any pregnancy leaves of absence? Has anyone else?

  6. very creepy to say the least…

  7. Creepy, especially when you consider the rampant child sexual abuse among the “elite”. It’s how they do things. The daughter is pulling away and the guys are forcing her closer. Something’s not right.


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