Thursday Funny: Pets who go with us to the bathroom

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If you have canine or feline companions, undoubtedly you’ve had the rather unnerving experience of them following you to the bathroom and watching you undress, shower, and perform your, ahem, toiletries.
This family, however, takes the prize. LOL
pets in bathroom3pets in bathroom2pets in bathroom1
Come to think of it, it’s only fair play because our cats and dogs certainly don’t have privacy when they pee and poop!

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0 responses to “Thursday Funny: Pets who go with us to the bathroom

  1. I used to have a dog who would visit and drop his toys into the bathtub with me.
    Actually – a couple of these, including the cat, look like wringers for my dogs.

  2. We call our cat a “bathroom bonding cat.”

  3. Ah, they just wanna make sure you don’t get lonely in there!

  4. If my cats are not waiting for me after a shower I need to look for them, they must be sick!

  5. They consider bathroom time with us their “Quality Time”.

  6. My dog used to follow me into the bathroom, too. Then, one day I reached over and turned on the water to the bathtub. LOL – I’ve never seen a Schnoodle move that fast trying to get out of the bathroom.
    He hasn’t followed me in there since.

  7. I bet they have their own parking space at the pet store, too.

  8. And their own charge card.

  9. Teddy, my Prince of Pomeranians, was always in distress when I showered. I think he worried I’d go down the drain. This stopped when I showered with him a few times, and neither of us went down the drain.

  10. Sorry, I was late to see this post…but can’t stop myself from remembering my most beloved cat of all times (lived to age 18), a gorgeous,oversized calico who, when hearing me draw bathwater, would immediately station herself on the tub edge. As I entered the water, she’d cry and reach out to touch my shoulder. Her message was purely clear: “Save yourself….get out of the water, NOW!” This went on for all her 18 years…she never ceased trying to save me.

  11. I love it! My cats, Poo-Poo Head Michael, Bernadette, Richard the Lion-hearted and Jimmy Boots, go into the bathroom with me every time. It gets a little crowded!


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