Thursday Funny: Escape artists

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The ingenuity of these escape artists is amazing.

Note the altruism of the lovebird (0:13 mark) who not only got out of the cage, but helped the other lovebird to get out as well. LOL

I’m particularly impressed by the grace of the horse (1:31 mark).

H/t Maziel


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6 responses to “Thursday Funny: Escape artists

  1. Clever four legged creatures find the way to free themselves, yet two legged animals want to take away our freedom.

  2. How can anyone say that animals are not intelligent?! BTW, that was funny! Thanks for these videos, Dr. E… 🙂

  3. And to think, people call them dumb animals. Smarter than most people.

  4. These are some tricky, tricky animals!

  5. Jackie Puppet

    I’m curious to find out what happened to the dog that escaped from the kitchen sink, where it led to.

    The boxer at the end reminded me of my dog (as a big pup) when he escaped from his own cage. He didn’t pull it up like the boxer did, but just popped the door open, and that wasn’t easy either. I thought about putting a lock on it to prevent that from happening again, but decided not to, because I didn’t want him to get trapped right at his neck, and choking him to death in the process. Later, I’d put him in an empty room, and once, he tore off the wood moulding of the door frame with his teeth trying to get out.

    You can’t help but marvel both at the strength displayed, and their absolute desire to be with their master, or at least find out if the “human” is still home.


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