Thursday Funnies: Truth in Cartoons

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H/t FOTM‘s Glenn47

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0 responses to “Thursday Funnies: Truth in Cartoons

  1. traildustfotm

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  3. Not just funny, but how true they really are.

  4. That last one regarding “The Wall” was truly sobering. What a pity that it was not financed by this last spending bill.

  5. FYI: Tomi Lahren is on the record as being angrily pro-abortion, unless she’s had a public change of heart that I haven’t heard of.

  6. I believe that,at SOME point,even Liberals will realize just how WRONG they’ve been. Of course,by then,it may very well be too late.

  7. “What we seek is the transvaluation of all values.” —Nietzsche

  8. Outstanding. 🖒

  9. Tomi Lahren – MSM cannon fodder, the epitome of “boobs for brains”.


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