Thursday Funnies: Michael Bay movie parodies

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Michael Bay, 50, is a Hollywood director/producer known for big-budget action movies that have grossed over $5 billion worldwide. They include Armageddon (1998), Pearl Harbor (2001), and the Transformers series that, after the first Transformers in 2007, get progressively execrable and unwatchable.
Bay often traces his interest in action films back to an incident during his childhood when he attached some firecrackers to a toy train and filmed the ensuing fiery disaster with his mother’s 8 millimeter camera. The fire department was called and he was grounded.
Bay’s movies are characterized by fast edits, CGI, and extreme use of special effects, including frequent depiction of explosions, which inspired these parodies.

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0 responses to “Thursday Funnies: Michael Bay movie parodies

  1. 😀

  2. I’m very disturbed about the one showing the cat on fire. It’s not funny at all.

  3. He has a warped mind.

  4. good laugh Thank You Dr. Eowyn.


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