Thursday Funnies: Lost in translation

Note: The correct English translations are provided (between “” marks) in some cases. If you know the correct translations for the other signs, please let us know in a comment!

The sign in English is is an accurate translation, which leads to this question: What is Pig World?

“Toilets are in the rear”

“One-time use items”

The translation is correct. What an eloquent poetic plea, instead of the standard “Don’t Step on Grass”.

Another quaint alternative to “Don’t Step on Grass”: “The small grass shyly smiles: Please don’t disturb me”

Who would want to eat this? LOL
Correct translation is “Deep fried intestines”

“Please offer your seat to the elderly, young, sick, disabled and pregnant”

“Let us be friends to birds”

“Be careful not to burn your hand”

Would that U.S. hair salons are as honest! LOL

Good grief. What exactly do men do in there?

If only Kentucky Fried Chicken were this honest. LOL

“Please don’t bring in outside food”

Poetic, but not terribly informative. LOL

“Do not move the stone ball in the lion statue’s mouth”

My guess: “If you need assistance with traffic lights, use the emergency phone to contact us”

“For a proper service, please turn on the suction pump when using the shower. Thank you” 

“There is a problem. Please do not use”

All I know is I don’t want to shop here. LOL

“If you do not comply with this swimming pool’s regulations, you will be asked to leave”

Gender discrimination! What about adulterer meat and veggies? LOL

My estimate is that the fish is dead. LOL

Just the thing when there is a fire. LOL

For atheists only. 

Source: BabaMail


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Funny stuff!


All perfect reasons for why I stay within the United States.😇

Lou Minati
Lou Minati

I can assure you, the US is just as bad. I lost count of how many pizza restaurants I’ve been in that have in their menu the headings “Pizza’s” and/or “Grinder’s”. I’ve also seen “Violator’s will be towed”.


When Dunkin’ Donuts introduced “scones”, our local one had this on the marquee : “Try are new scones”


Mary, you are amazing!


These are LOL funny. Pig World..Wal-Mart? The dead fish must have pis*ed of the angry sea thicket even more. Bad idea. The shower/vacuum cleaner one – what kind of “service” are they referring to? Don’t want to know. Sometimes memory origin space. park. Yeah, maybe. Have to think about it

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Wow!These are unbelievable.


In high school, I dated a girl who would have been right at home in a “High Maintenance Chick Salon.” She dumped me for a guy who drove a Corvette. Best thing that ever happened to me.

Steven Broiles

It’s all Greek to me!