Thursday Funnies!

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And my favorite, which never gets old:

H/t Ken R. and CSM


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9 responses to “Thursday Funnies!

  1. Thank you, I needed a chuckle and this filled the bill.

  2. A most welcome break from all the disgusting Leftist Lib crap as Trump makes America great again. … Thanks a heap.

  3. Love the chocolate syrup one!

  4. Great laughs! The want ad is spot on… Trying to hire people is an exercise in futility. Thanks for a day brightener

  5. I’m printing out the toilet paper one, and posting it in the company bathroom.

  6. I used to give engineers applying for a job a simple application which you only needed to figure out a right triangle (basic trig).
    Like this: A dishwasher is only 9 inches high and 24 inches wide and deep on the inside. How can I get 12 inch diameter plates in there and how many can I get in there?
    You’d be surprised how many did not know!


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