Thursday Funnies!

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. . . and political truth memes.

H/t GiGi


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10 responses to “Thursday Funnies!

  1. I am laughing! Thank you!
    It is a Happy Thursday.

  2. Dr Eowyn . . . . Excellent choice of “funnies.” The dichotomy in the one featuring the young adult female, as opposed to the little girl in a public bathroom should shake-up any thinking person.

    • Hi Auntie hope all is well w/you lately. I send most of my middle school girls to the NURSE instead of the “rest room” when they ask to use the bathroom. I’ve learned that, if they have to use the “now-unisex-rest-rooms” at school, they will NOT USE THEM ALL DAY…from maybe 6:30 AM until 2 PM or beyond. They voluntarily TELL me this many times over. They esp. are adverse to using the school rest room when/if they have menstruation concerns/care to deal with. They don’t want to be in the rest room dealing with this if there is a biologic boy in there with them. For little girls aged 11-12-13…I find this an esp. CRUEL and inhumane introduction into our regard to “womanhood” and the unavoidable, not VOLUNTARY, biological requirements of this very young age-group of biologically-determined/birth determined/chromosomally determined function of puberty–which happens to be the age group which I teach (!). I work in a LAND MINED place these days!

  3. If they’d posted the THIRD pic on the front lines there wouldn’t have been a war after all!
    The antidote again rape! 😂 LMAO.
    You have to be such a low life to be photographed like that! 🤮

  4. Yikes, I need some eye bleach!

  5. That’s not a camel toe, that’s a front butt.

  6. Thanks Dr. Eowyn for posting this. I live in California and I can’t begin to describe how annoyed I am by leftists. Plus I got friends on the left too…God please help us…I am begging…one of them is a massive snopes fan…

  7. Very good ones, that’s for sure!

    This is kinda related, an article from Zero Hedge, talking about new NPC memes (NPC – non-playable characters) goofing on liberals/SJWs, etc. I particularly love the Stephen Colbert ones – it’s almost life imitating art!

  8. I especially like the Peanuts football cartoon—Charlie Brown never won ONCE.
    And then we come to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing: See a male member once, and, it’s all-out war; But a man in the girl’s bathroom? Meh.

    This is what it’s come down to: There is a war on MANHOOD in this “culture,” or what’s left of it: ONLY WOMEN can save Civilization! Mohammed Ali—no friend of mine (and remember, Folks, we all know who won that fight!) said it best: “Any society is only as good as its women.”

    THIS is what it’s all about: Putting a HEX on MEN. Yeah, Well, JESUS CHRIST had something to say about that: “The Gates of Hell shall never prevail against [My Church].” That is to say, the Gates of Hell shall NEVER prevail against real Manhood—or Womanhood, for that matter.

    THIS is the latest “Battle of the Bulge” we’re in.

  9. Outstanding funnies! Unfortunately, Libtards would consider their positions truth, not hypocrisy. BTW, some of these beauties remind me that I need to get back on a diet.


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