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1 year ago

Last pic one is an idiot the other suffers Asperger’s syndrome.

Steven Broiles
1 year ago

Good ones all. Have you noticed little Morticia Doomsburg’s little trick? When she is asked a question she cannot answer, she takes her pussyhat off, and her handler comes up and says they have to get going.

Say what you will about AOC: At least she doesn’t deny she’s RABID.

1 year ago

My favorite is the “Left’s Climate Change Experts.”

Jackie Puppet
1 year ago

ALL are really funny, I’m partial to the first, and will send this one to my daughter who has her own German shepherd pup!

1 year ago

I listened to a snippet of the girl’s blathering to Congress, which is also about as much as I can stand to listen to AOC. I think they are both, sadly, suffering from mental illness of some sort.

I find it odd that nobody in the media has the courage to point that out (ala the Emporer’s new clothes), but rather, they seem to attract a crowd of similarly-minded sheep who then feel empowered to fight for their “cause”… when what they really need is help with their minds.