Thugs beat up 78-year-old white man "for Trayvon"

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In the name of Trayvon Martin — who was fatally shot by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, last February — six young thugs in East Toledo, Ohio, beat a 78-year-old man on the head, knocked him to the ground, kicked him in his chest, and threatened to kill “the white man.”

Dallas Watts, 78, points to where he was kicked in the chest.

Taylor Dungjen reports for the Toledo Blade, April 3, 2012, that Dallas Watts, 78, was on his way home from the nearby Gas Express Mart at Starr Avenue and White Street about 4:45 p.m. Saturday when the boys approached him.
Six juveniles — the youngest 11, and the oldest 17 — nearly boxed in the old man. One pointed at him and said, “take him down.”
Watts, carrying home two small bags of pork rinds to dole out as treats to his three dachshunds, looked at the youth and said, “Why you picking on me?”
The boy, again, allegedly told his friends to “take him down.”
Watts said one of the boys delivered a single blow to the back of his head. He was knocked to the ground, then lifted from the ground so one of the boys could “drop-kick” him in the chest. One boy put his foot on the back of Watts’ neck, with another shouting, “Kill him!”
While Watts was down, the boys kicked him over and over, shouting, “[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man],” according to a police report.
The boys fled when a man shouted at them.
Toledo police charged two children — the 11-year-old and a 17-year-old — with robbery. The boys were ordered held in detention at the Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center, prosecutor Lori Olender said.
The 17-year-old also faces a felonious assault charge from an unrelated shooting. He had allegedly shot Mark Bolling, 24, in the 600 block of Leonard Street in East Toledo on March 18.

A Vietnam vet, Watts had raised his children to be non-violent. But now, he plans to buy a gun and obtain a permit to carry it because “What happened to me … down here on the corner, that changed my perspective on humanity.”

Dallas Watts should sue NBC, ABC, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and all the Trayvon race hustlers for fomenting a race war in America. And if these six thugs aren’t charged with a hate crime, then there is no longer justice in America.

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0 responses to “Thugs beat up 78-year-old white man "for Trayvon"

  1. attacking someone because of his or her skin color is absolutely a hate crime these clowns should be thrown in a dungeon. affirmative action is a hate crime also and it is way past time to end this legislation that bolsters racism and their racist agenda,. the race hustlers have turned racism into a cottage industry sharpton and jackson will keep the racist torch burning while they stoke the fires of the ignorant masses..

    • I agree, however when the Slur is on the Other Lips, how does Justice Equal that of the other side of the case?
      Society of today is badly out of balance. YIN without Yang is just a spurt, kind of like going Super Nova, except just disintegrate into a Brilliant Flash of matter and Raw Energy. POP, and it’s all over for that matter. Like a Fire Cracker. I dare you to put the pieces of a Firecracker back together, lol.

      • Pardon the Flash of my memory.
        In other words, Blacks get Preferential treatment over whites or most other races for that matter. Like the Law is Favoring them in some kind of War of the races game only the Elite are playing among them selves.

  2. Too bad he was not armed!

  3. Glad he’s going to buy a gun. Everyone should be able to protect themselves from the upcoming race war the hustlers are trying to start.

  4. Too bad he didn’t have a gun on him. He could’ve been Colorado’s Bernard Goetz. Done some preemptive executions.

  5. Thanks, Grouchy! I went back to the source — the website. It’s East Toledo, Ohio. (I don’t know for the life of me what gave me the idea it was Colorado! LOL)

    • Harald Sigurdson

      That comment was about your E. Toledo comment:)
      How about those mountains. Didn’t the 10th Mountain Division originate there? I guess the rockies must constitute a good training ground for mountain, arctic, and guerrilla warfare.

  6. I’m so sick of this bs and how the blacks and slimy liberal whites didn’t give a damn when Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were killed in Tennessee in January 2007.

    • Horrible crime beyond comprehension. I thought I read somewhere that there’s to be retrial for one of the involved. Something not handled correctly in the first trial, am I right? Should’ve executed them after the first trial-wouldn’t be an issue now.

    • I have to Agree. We are living Under a Double Standard. I have tried to tell people WHO is behind it all and by what means they have captured our Halls of Government. That is the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 empowers Tyrants to Steal the Wealth of the Masses through Regulation. The FED Bankers are at Fault for our econemy and state of affairs in this country today

  7. Shameful!!!

  8. Vic Bailey, Auburn, GA

    Every former US Marine needs to find an old man or woman and stay in touch with them and when the shit hits the fan, there will be someone there that cares enough to stop it! And I mean Black and White old people, they ALL need protected against this group of young PUNKS! Semper Fi.

  9. I’m getting real sick of crap like this. These were young kids that attacked a fellow Vet. What are these kids (& a lot of other black kids) being taught at home??? Racial hatred black, white or otherwise is just totally wrong!

    • Harald Sigurdson

      They are learning this in school! This is what they teach in social studies, English, and every other class! The white kids are given this load of crap too! The white kids believe that the white race is evil and that “people of color” cannot be racist, that it is impossible! The teachers are ramming this philosophy of victimization down their throats. This is marxist garbage. It really is marxist. An agreement was signed with the Soviet Union! Soviet experts trained our teachers for years! I had a former Soviet Russian professor myself! She was trained under the Soviet system. It didn’t take! I hate marxism and marxists! I know very well what I am talking about and I have seen it first hand! The anti-white racism and marxism in the schools where I have worked is appalling! I have a very wide experience so don’t think that it is just one district or one school, far from it!
      You ought to see what a nightmare it is to work with black kids! Nightmare is an understatement. A nightmare ends, this goes on and on.

    • Dude, use descretion before you pull the Trigger. If your not Military or LEO, I would hope you had at least some private training before you got a gun and started pointing it at people.

  10. Sadly, this is just the start of some Real Bad race riots and a lot of destruction. Travon was just the Key they wanted to apply Martial Law across the country when it really starts to get bad.

    • Harald Sigurdson

      You may be right about the traitors wanting an excuse for martial law. But I do not hold with the attitude that we will be the losers, that we do not have a chance of resisting successfully. I have encountered this again and again and again at the patriot sites. It reminds me of a bunch of poor little children saying: “Don’t make mommy mad! Don’t make daddy mad!” When the parents are already going way too far and are extremely abusive. With all due respect, don’t assume that we will lose. If you worry about whether they have an excuse or not, you are saying that they have already won! You are saying that we are weak little pathetic nothings and had better placate them. We could bring them to their knees if we chose to do so!

      • Well I have a good reason to believe this willNot be the End, but just a way for the Gov to take control of our streets. I never said They or anyone else has won. However I do know how the book ends, and those who keep Hatred Stired up against ANYONE, needs to GO. And this Sleeping Giant called the American Citizen is about to roll over and wake up, and Put his Foot So deep up the FED Bankers Rear as he can. The Bankers will have to use a Shoe Brush to brush their teeth.

  11. Don’t look for the Lord till the Darkness comes across the face of the earth.

  12. When you see him Part the Clouds of Darkness, he will gather us up with him, to return and Clean House before he sets up his kindom here in earth. Once the earth has been cleansed, the Marriage Supper of the Lord will happen.

  13. I once had a similar thing happen to me when I was a child. I was just walking along the lake by my house, when a large group of what seemed like Pigmies, but were actually a gang of young Blacks, and they tried to Rob me, and would have beaten me up had it not been for a man with a shot gun stepped out and yelled at them.

  14. Dorothy Cooper

    Two wrongs will never make a right and this was not the way to fix any situation. I am so sorry to this man for the way these “children” abused him and shamed their parents. As they grow up, I hope they can see the error of their ways. So young and so foolish to have this kind of hate for anyone. This is heartbreaking. Another black eye for America.

    • Desafío de Los Angeles Guerreros

      Dorothy, you make a good point but I don’t think that what Zimmerman did was wrong. That thug ruffian burglar who attacked him, one Mr. Martin, committed the first wrong, not Zimmerman. TV, movies, Hollywood, and schools taught these creatures to hate whites.

      • Hey LA, why you jumpin me, I am Ex military, and all you say above are my own values as well. I am fully aware of what you say as being Truth. I have been studying this very thing for over 30 years now. I just wonder why people are so quick to judge, and less willing to try to undertsand any underlying reason someone may have had in saying what they did in the first place.

  15. Harald Sigurdson

    Blacks had better get control of their young people NOW!(although some of these supposed young people have been as old as 35 in some of these recent cases) or we will! I think that they think that we are not ready but we are! I am! They had better put an end to this yesterday! Lock & load! These littel non-black pieces of garbage that are joining them against their own people (INCLUDING DECREPIT OLD PEOPLE) need to be even higher priority than these mayate mau mau kafir scum! Right now they are demanding war! They think that we are afraid! I am not. I would enjoy defending myself against that scum! THE MAU MAUS HAVE ALREADY GONE TOO FAR!!! What happened to the other mau maus? Look it up!
    LOCK & LOAD!

  16. Harald Sigurdson


    • Harald,
      It’s one thing if you’re just venting. But exhortations like “Back to Africa!” are not productive but merely give our political opponents the reason they need to call us racists. Here’s why “Back to Africa!” is no solution:
      1. Who will be sent back to Africa? All black Americans? How do you define what constitutes a “black American”? Is it 100% black? 80%? 50%? 25%? 10%? or 1%? Who gets to decide? You? How do you know you don’t have a smidgen of “black” genes in you?
      2. Who pays for “Back to Africa!”? Here’s a news flash for you: The federal government is broke, nearly $16 trillion in debt (official figure). Should we have a tax hike to pay for it? How much are you willing to pay?
      3. What do we do about all those blacks who refuse to leave?
      4. And the most important question of all: Why do you pick black skin color as your criterion? Not all black Americans are thugs, criminals, welfare cheats…. There are some black Americans who are better Americans than you — honest, hardworking, intelligent, respect the Constitution and the Founders — and who had not voted for Obama. Do you send them “Back to Africa!” too?
      And so, it’s really someone’s behaviors and political beliefs that’s the key, instead of skin color — what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “the content of one’s character.” If this really is the criterion, then you’ll have to:
      (a) Change the name of your program “Back to Africa” because sending, for example, my commie friend Stephanie “back to Africa” makes no sense ’cause she’s Anglo-white.
      (b) Send “back” to “somewhere” millions and millions and millions more — which, of course, leads us straight back to questions 2 and 3.

      • Desafío de Los Angeles Guerreros

        Doc, I think that you don’t understand the gravity of the situation. Black gangs of vicious animals are running roughshod over whites and Hispanics all over the country, they are committing atrocities. They wish to annihilate us! You’re very kind-hearted and liberal but we are talking about survival.
        “Just on the basis of skin color”? Do you really think that skin color is the only or even the most important difference between races or between the whites and the black species? Give me a break!
        I think that you need to wake up out of your sixties psychedelic slumber and realize what situation we whites face.
        You need to study some traditional (pre-marxist) physical anthropology. The major races and the black species vary immensely in skin color within each race but there are other and more important differences between the races. IQ is one difference.
        The Dutch people have been tested at an average IQ of 109. The Dutch Afrikaners, Boers, were keeping the black invaders of South Africa in check until the communist ANC got the support of traitor whites throughout the world. Blacks are not indigenous to South Africa, the Capoid (race) of San and Hottentots (a different race than blacks, congoids, negroids) were the indigenous people, not bantu Zulu mad “men.” Now South Africa is a Hell!

        • Desafio,
          You call me a “sixties psychedelic slumber liberal”? Do you even know who’s the founder, owner, and chief writer of this site, Fellowship of the Minds?
          I’ve had enough of you. You are not welcome on FOTM.

      • There was a Sci-fi short story some years back called “Green Rain”. In synopsis: the earth passed through the tail of a strange comet and infused the whole planet’s water with some weird … something. If so much as a drop of the changed water so much as touched you you became a specific, universal shade of green! No blacks, whites, yellow or red anymore! But, mankind being what it is – in NO time we found OTHER criteria by which to denigrate/elevate one group under/over another. Sad but true, I’m afraid. Example: some whites denigrate OTHER whites based on “location” as “trailer trash”, do they not?

      • Hi Doc, Good point. I would have to say all the Heathons and Animals need to go. However, the Black people that are Honorable people would be Up in Arms if something like that happened. Remember the Japanese people who were rounded up and many sent back to Japan, even though they were Americans. The Point is, this will never happen, and I believe it’s just wishful thinking on the part of that other Lad. I have had more then my share of Black on White Violence to last a lifetime. If I don’t ever see another Heathon, I will count that as a blessing.

        • Who/what are “heathons” and “animals”?

          • Well, if you have ever had a Gang of Criminals assult you, then you will quickly find out who are the Heathons and Animals. It was my misfortune to have that happen to me a few times, and Always by young Black people out to start trouble.

            • I have to add, that I have NEVER been Assulted or Robbed at gunpoint by a White Person.

            • You still haven’t defined/explained what “Heathons” are. Do you mean heathens?

              • Well, in my own opinion, not a Dictionary version, would be, Un-Educated Ruffians (Black or ANY Other Race) like the Hordes of Barbarians who traveled the country and world to find villages to Over Throw, Destroy and Pillage. Today’s Heathens are the same. They normally roam together in Packs like Wild Dogs, destroying everything in they’re paths.
                However, after having read the Definition carefully, I find that the word heathen can also be applied to Gentiles, so maybe I should choose my words more wisely. Sorry

                • So you did mean heathEns, not HeathOns. I genuinely was baffled by Heathons. I thought maybe you were referring to some Klingon-like alien species in Star Trek. LOL

              • Hey Doc, I just sent you an email care of “fellowshipofminds”.

      • YEA, the Same ones that eventually became the Federal Reserve bank. The very same White Slave Traders, or at least the ones who paid the Bill, were ALL WHITE, and those same bankers are trying to Enslave us Whities now. Dumb Americans, if you had the Vision of Dr. King, you would be out figithing the REAL Enemy, instead of Blacks. Every time I have a chance, I try to Inform thinking blacks of what we are goingthrough and why. Most are very receptive to what I have to say, so I have formed an Ally, not an Enemy

    • Absolutly. If your Not ALL American, Go Back Home.

  17. Harald Sigurdson

    Oh, really? How about Montbello/Mau Mau land?

  18. Harald Sigurdson

    I minister who I knew when I was young said that you don’t have to turn the other cheek more than once. I have already done that and won’t do it again.
    If you mean the trials, I don’t think that He’ll make us wait a lot more years. But that’s just me.

    • I was told that a more correct translation of the quote is: “If a man SLAP you on the cheek …”. A “SLAP”, a ‘touch’ as some Erroll Flynn, Old English movies portray it. The intent is an “INSULT” NOT severe bodily harm!
      Even Jesus defended the use of lethal force to defend oneself from deadly force: “If one among you has not a sword then sell your cloak and buy one.” You don’t just wag a sword at a violent attacker and say “Naughty, naughty, mustn’t do.”

  19. I wonder just how many people Really knows what Dr. King was teaching?
    From what I have been able to learn, Dr. Kings dream was for ALL Races to Unite against their Common Enemy, the Government. He Knew that the Black race had the where-with-all to create an Impressive Army that would make the minions of the Government quake in their Black Boots and Black Uniforms. And with the Other races in tow, in Impressive Army it would be. You see, the FED Bankers Know the blacks are easy to piss-off, and if the Enemy was the Gov instead of Whitey, the Fed bankers would have to leave.

    • I didn’t know MLK had any goal like that, I heard he simply enjoyed underage prostitutes, but what do I know.

      • What I read didn’t say he was Anti-Government, it just said that together we would be an apposing force the Government could not Push around, That is why he was asasinated.

  20. All I have to say about all this is that many of you people are looking at the Problem instead of looking at the Source of the Problem, That being the Government we have is using all it’s resources to keep the Blacks stired up against us of other races, to keep ALL of us from seeing what they (The Fed bankers) really are trying to do, and that is to completely OWN this country, and Everyone in it. You fools, when will you wake up and see what the BANKERS are doing. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is the Document they hold over us that gives them all the Power they have.
    I wonder just how many people Really knows what Dr. King was teaching?
    From what I have been able to learn, Dr. Kings dream was for ALL Races to Unite against their Common Enemy, the Government. He Knew that the Black race had the where-with-all to create an Impressive Army that would make the minions of the Government quake in their Black Boots and Black Uniforms. And with the Other races in tow, in Impressive Army it would be. You see, the FED Bankers Know the blacks are easy to piss-off, and if the Enemy was the Gov instead of Whitey, the Fed bankers would have to leave.

    • vip,
      Please give us your source for Martin Luther King Jr’s dream being that for all races to unite against the government. Better yet, please give us Dr. King’s actual words on that subject. That shouldn’t be hard, given all his speeches are widely recorded and archived.

      • I read the transcripts of a few of his speaches. Sorry don’t have those Docs anymore

        • His Dream, was about a FREE America where ALL People could live in PEACE with each other, and without Regulation except for Natural and Common law

          • And I do believe if you have any knowledge of things, then you should know, Governments are inherently Corrupt and Evil. Mans Heart is Corrupt and Evil, and until that changes, we will Never have a Righteous Government.

    • Desafío de Los Angeles Guerreros

      That is like telling people facing a plague of bioweapons used against them by the elitists, the establishement, that they should not deal with the plague. This is a plague. The blacks are dedicated to our violent destruction and are aided by traitor whites. They will not change their tune about us. They need to be dealt with first. Then we can deal with all of those who have set their hounds upon us!

      • Desafio,
        When you say “the blacks,” are you referring to honorable people like SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, Congressman Allen West, Will (who’s a longtime member of Fellowship of the Minds), the middle-aged black vet in my parish?
        If so, then you’ll have to fight me too, for I stand shoulder to shoulder with all honorable decent people, of whatever race.
        You are falling for the race war manipulated by the faceless puppeteers behind the curtains. You’re a fool.

        • Winston Smith

          Beyond even that, Dr Eowyn, in, i believe, the 18th century blacks were brought to Europe as a “curiosity” and when the “novelty” of their skin color wore off they were, simply, absorbed into the general population. Many became quite successful and accepted – so much so that some emigrated to the Colonies and even owned black slaves, themselves!
          I don’t see it as a “black population” v “white population” conflict as much as it is the fact that a miniscule handful on BOTH sides who have learned that they can obtain power, influence and MONEY by preying on the fears and insecurities of their various constituencies.
          There is a truism: “If you get a thousand people to follow ONE psychotic – you then, have a thousand and one psychotics to worry about.”

        • Hey, Desafio,
          Your IP address locates you as being in Switzerland, specifically in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, near Bramboden.
          What business do you have commenting on American race relations? — unless of course you’re a neo-Nazi. You are unmasked!

  21. i believe this is what the media and corporate owners want! they promote it daily.the weak minded go for the bait, and it takes the heat off of the people that are truely destroying all of us. black ,white it dosn’t matter.we didn’t take away each others homes,jobs, or american dream! the politicans or (kings) ,banking thugs, the lying media, wall st and corporate devils put a plan together to take america over, and AMERICANS fighting AMERICANS solves their problem,WISE UP!

  22. Thank you Dr. Eowyn, for telling us about this horrific injustice done to an older caucasian man because he was white. I completely agree with you about the filing of the lawsuits against Obama, other officials completely out of line and race mongers trying to start a race war. This is what happens when you don’t care what might happen to someone else because of stupid, untrue comments that are meant to initiate hateful behavior and responses. These race war motivators are not looking out for justice, but using their communications for their own political agrandisement. Idiots and Hypocrites!

  23. Please understand, I Agree with you, but ther is a Deeper more Sinister reason all this is happening, and no one wants to see it.

    • We are being baited, folks. Don’t bite. No matter what color you are. The moron in the Oval Office has NOTHING to base his campaign on (other than lies, failures, and fairy tales). He has to create a BIG diversion ala Rules For Radicals. If we fall into his trap it could get really bad. And he’s just itching for a “legitimate” reason to try out that martial law thing he’s got up his sleeve. Don’t give it to him. Go watch “Wag The Dog” with your neighbors.

  24. Zimmerman is obviously innocent, let him go and save some tax payer money.

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