Throw Reid the Sneek Out!

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Throw Harry Reid out of the U.S. Senate! Join the showdown in Searchlight, Nevada, March 27th!

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3 responses to “Throw Reid the Sneek Out!

  1. I’d like to throw him a Hell of a lot further than merely out of the Senate.
    How about clear to North Korea?

  2. Eowyn,
    Heck, I don’t even understand how my mind works anymore, and I am turning 46 on the 29th.
    LOL – I used to be able to reign it in to a certain extent, but not anymore.
    Thank God they didn’t have Ritalin in the three years I was held hostage in government school, else I would be a pablum-puking veg by now, sporting an Al Gore T-shirt, and babbling incoherently.
    And what is worse, I might have even voted for Obama.


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