Three years after Sandy Hook, why do professional journalists still fail to report the news?

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The silence from Anderson Cooper and the media to Dr. Tracy’s invitation/plea to reexamine Sandy Hook is deafening. So much for the Fourth Estate, whom America’s Founding Fathers had charged with the constitutional duty of checking and balancing government power.
There is ample evidence by now that the media collude with the CIA and other intelligence agencies. In 2003, a Florida appeals court judge even ruled that it is not illegal for the media to falsify news, i.e., to lie. See “7 reasons why we should be skeptical about the MSM”.

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0 responses to “Three years after Sandy Hook, why do professional journalists still fail to report the news?

  1. Why ? ……………………Because they are not professional journalists . Bought and paid for propagandists by Soros . 90+ % vote libtard , do you actually think you will receive a fair and balanced report ?

  2. Anderson Cooper is another idiot.
    Just look at the shooting in Philadelphia. The first reports of the incident, the police chief was laying it all out, and telling it like it was. Yesterday he was like someone had him by the balls. He walked everything back and was sounding like one of the State Department sorority girls or Josh Ernest.
    It’s the same with all the reports. San Bernadino was like that too. And unless it is a story that the WH is riding with because it fits in with their agenda, stories just stop getting mentioned; they vanish.
    The excuses are there is limited time and space and they have to cycle the content to keep people tuning in; and the public has a very short attention span.
    Obviously certain information and activities of the government might be better kept private as disclosure could provide info to the enemy or spread rumors; but the WH seems to go out of its way to do just exactly that, all to the detriment of America.
    Also we do not need to know the detailed plan, we need know the honest objective and be able to trust our leaders to achieve the objective.
    Keep your bark bag handy for the SOTU speech. BHO will be having a catharsis of his genius and accomplishments.

    • Expect extensive promotion of his Gun Control plans too. The barf bag idea is valid-I feel like throwing up every time he starts to talk. He referenced the “remarkable progress we’ve (he’s) made” Well the US HAS made remarkable progress,if one is shooting for making the USA into a larger version of Kenya. We’re ALMOST there.
      The conspicuous silence from A. Cooper is a scream of confirmation of what we already know-that SH was completely fabricated,at OUR expense.

  3. < Keep your bark bag handy for the SOTU speech. BHO will be having a catharsis of his genius and accomplishments.
    And the fact that CT Gov. Malloy will be sitting with Michelle shows what his main priority after himself will be–more Sandy Hook bs TO GET OUR GUNS..
    James Tracy is a brave man, and he has been very wronged.
    That post showing the "HONOR" network illegal and cruel stalking of him and others in itself shows they (the perps) have to keep the true facts from being uncovered .at all costs.

  4. i meant barf, not bark

  6. To think Anderson has the gall to question anyone about SH, when he himself, was doing interviews in front of a green screen and passing it off as real.

  7. everytime cooper opens his mouth a dick falls out you should know better its a job that pays well and they only do what they are told to do and say ….. they believe their own words ….. if you want your job you do what your told …. plain and simple …… telling the truth doesn’t pay very well or at all.

  8. Those sailors looked like a sack of crap in the news.
    I don’t blame them for being depressed slobs. It’s someone else’s fault, right? THEY ARE THE VICTIMS of U.S. imperialism RIGHT?
    I saw Jennifer was sitting in the back of the group. Was she at the helm when the Iranis pulled them over for a bad tail light?
    Why didn’t they shoot back? The radios didn’t work?


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