Three Witches In Charge of White House

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Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.
Macbeth, by William Shakespeare

In recent weeks, unnamed Democrat officials have been leaking insider information about Obama’s troubling psychological state and the disarray in the White House to journalists “Ulsterman” of NewsFlavor and Wayne Madsen.
According to an exclusive-to-subscribers Wayne Madsen Report of November 4, 2010:

“White House staffers have sought out journalists and have arranged to meet them at nearby Starbuck’s cafes to discretely convey to them inside information about the current disarray within the Obama administration. Some staffers have personally born the brunt of Obama’s temper and witnessed his extreme narcissistic behavior. WMR has also learned from White House sources that Obama is taking presciption anxiety medication.”

Madsen claims that, in response, “a troika” has taken over the reins of the White House and imposed “a reign of terror” to stop the leaks and “making decisions without any input from the president”:

“White House leaks about the ineffectiveness of Obama’s presidency are expanding beyond the revelations attributed to a former high-level Obama administration insider and which have been reported by a blogger named ‘Ulsterman.’ Some White House staffers have described a ‘reign of terror’ in the White House over continued leaks and a troika of leadership that is making decisions without any input from the president.”

So who comprises this powerful troika?
They are none other than:

  1. Michelle Obama: who had said in 2008 when her husband won the Democratic Party primaries that she finally was “proud” of America for the first time in her life;
  2. White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett: a typical left-wing elitist who espouses radical socialism for us, the “little people,” but herself rakes it in with over half a million dollars in salaries and assorted “compensations.” Jarrett’s reported income in 2009 consisted of:
    • $300,000 in salary and $550,000 in deferred compensation from The Habitat Executive Services, Inc. — “a real estate development and management company” in Chicago.
    • More than $346,000 “for service on boards of directors that reflect her political ties, and work in Chicago real estate and community development.”
  3. Michelle’s 73-year-old mother, Marian Robinson, who resides in the White House and who had brought in a friend who’s a Santeria priestess to do voodoo (which is Satanism) in the White House.

God help us!

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0 responses to “Three Witches In Charge of White House

  1. Lordy, if even half of this is true, we need to make sure someone inside will be willing to testify, when it comes time to get Obama out of there. He’s dangerous and if he really is taking psychotropic drugs, he shouldn’t be in charge of this country. And if the three witches are running things; we should be in a real big hurry before they make things worse.

  2. time for a revolution… i sure am glad the msm has kept up with the news from the obama white house (yea right). valerie jarrett was or still is what is called a slum lord. go to michelle malkin archives she had pics of the crap v.j. rented and collected money on the worst of the worst in the chicago slums absolutely pathetic you have jesse jackson and al sharpton dancing around talking about the abuse etc etc and the abusers are people like michelle obama and valerie jarrett. hmmmm a bit of misdirection blame white people and call all whites racist and then do as you please with carte blanche…..

  3. It’s time for Jo Biden to invoike the 25th Amendment Section 4, which allows for a cabinet member to relieve an acting President of the US of his duties if he is acting crazy. Then the Glass Steagal Standard could be imposed globally, and the US Government could cancel the bailouts and utter credit as per the US Constitution Bye bye Ben and your FED thing.
    You are toast my dears, sorry about that. You caused for your own downfall so what can I say. Then the credit that the US Government is allowed to utter under the Constitution, can be used to implement the NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance, which has been on ice since the middle of the last century, and which would put five million people back to work immediately. Check this all out on the website. See the webcasts and read the articles and get yourself a life, a wonderful, productive new life, just the way God planned it. Best regards.

    • Here we are in 2015, I just stumbled across this article, and I’m thinking things like this which happened 2008 – 2010, were only the beginning of the nightmare of disasters that the leader and his administration would cast over America. Our greatest threat to national security has been in the WH since 2009. I am learning that before that, through the prior three presidents, our country was being set up for the nightmare in office that we have now. The world is changing rapidly, and if those of us who are true Americans don’t figure out how to join together, and unite against those who are moving to forcefully redirect America according to their own anti-American agenda, this country that we all love will be subdued and conquered from the inside out.

  4. It makes me sick to think of how far we have fallen since the past 4 presidents have been in office. With each one, a little less freedom, a little more UN, and a lot of loss of America. And come to find out – they really all are satanists, the Clintons, the Bush family (Skull and Bones, and Barbara Bush is Alastair Crowleys daughter- ugh). So we have had a great deal of bad juju in charge for a long time. We are only beginning to see it – and Obama has had us on the fast track since he stepped in. Thankfully we only have one more year of these people. They have brought more disgrace to our country than any presidential family before, well, the Clintons did their share – even stole items from the White House when they moved out! It is disheartening knowing that all the crimes Obama and his administration committed – we will never see justice done. No one did a thing about the gun running, Benghazi, all of these out of control Exec orders, etc. I hope this next year goes fast – and we can finally say goodbye to the Obozos.

  5. Why are you surprised we have the Antichrist for president. Soon to head EU.


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