Thousands Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque

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Today, a massive crowd of 8,000 to 10,000 people protested in New York against the planned construction of a mosque near Ground Zero, which was approved by NYC’s Community Board1. But you would never know this if you relied on the regular media.
News of the protest was reported by only Steve Cooper of He did not see any news trucks from CNN, MSNBC, NY1 or Fox News, and wryly noted that NY1 had no problem covering the Gay Parade in Jackson Heights, but they ignored this Ground Zero protest. Indeed, I just scoured the New York Post website and could find nothing on the protest.
Cooper also was the only reporter who covered Rev. James Manning’s trial of Obama and Columbia University in Harlem last month.
Here is a pic of the protest taken by Cooper:

For more of Cooper’s pics, CLICK HERE.
A big h/t to beloved Fellow Tina!

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0 responses to “Thousands Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque

  1. How this board could approve this is just beyond me…It’s as if there don’t see the radical Islamic threats. Um, 1993 and 9/11 ring a bell? Let alone the most recent events (Ft. Hood and panty bomber). When are these PC pacifists going to wake up?

    • Not only the board but how can our president approve such a thing. Research shows for centuries now Muslims have built mosques on top of areas where they have won a major victory. So what killing 3000 people is now a victory. The president can hide behind the freedom of religion all he wants but what about the respect for the 3000 people who were killed and their families they left behind. I dont understand why the mosque can not be built somewhere else. Having lost someone close to our family in the WTC makes me more angry with them approving this mosque.

      • You’re allowing a bit of xenophobia to creep into your argument here. You cannot assume that all Muslims are alike, and you cannot assume that all Muslims are like the ones who killed those 3000 people.
        Furthermore, you state that the president is hiding behind “freedom of religion.” Is he hiding behind it, or is he actually putting it to use in an non-hypocritical way? We can say freedom of religion all we want in America, but honestly, all it boils down to is “if it’s Christian, respect it; if it’s not Christian, to hell with it.”
        Also, the mosque is not going to be built exactly on the grounds. It will be a few blocks away, from what I understand.

        • [Note: Kay signed herself as “Khaliah” for this comment. So as not to confuse readers, her alias was changed back to Kay. ~Administrator]
          I guess the issue is, do you want to build a church in their country? If not, then the point is a bit moot.
          The thing is, it is hostile for anyone of any faith other than Islam to practice their faith their country. That is why Christian missionaries are threatened, beaten, tortured, raped, and killed over there if they are discovered. In their country, Islam is not simply a faith, it is a hard-lined theocracy that rules the entire region with an iron fist. I certainly understand that.
          That is why America is different from their country and we do not execute others for practicing faiths that are different from Christianity.
          Christianity has been that way, too. The Old Testament is full of the very things that you vilify in the Koran, but fortunately, Jesus Christ changes things by boiling the Bible down to “Love God and Love your Neighbor.”
          I’d like to say more (and honestly, I’d like to be a bit more articulate) but my internet time at work is a bit limited. Regardless, thank you for your prompt response and the link you sent me. I’ll take a look at it when I can.

  2. Bloomberg is a raving disgraceful idiot! This board needs to pull this whole idea, muslims are here to KILL AMERICANS,what part of that do you not understand???? they are coming in here by the boat loads. The fraud in our whitehouse is their leader!!!!

  3. Gosh, heartless hate speech, unlike what Helen Thomas said, according to the media!

    • Guess it’s “not news” if they don’t feel like covering it.

      • Geez, and you have to wonder about NYC… where the heck is their sense? (Media coverage, of course, would put pressure on the city not to allow a big gloating jihadist mosque overlooking the 9/11 site and angry left/liberal politicos are nasty toward defenseless people they don’t like. Gee, guess the actual people of NYC– who got attacked by jihadists on 9/11 and don’t want the up-yours-infidels mosque– don’t matter.)

  4. As much as I hate to see it–I really believe the country is heading for anarchy—I’m glad I’m old—

  5. Well, NY has their Muslim takeover and California has their Hispanic takeover. Maybe we should step back and introduce them to each other and let them fight it out.

    • Ron–That sounds like a plan!!! The normal God-loving Americans can live between these two groups and restore our great country to its former self!! We must have secure borders, however to keep them out!

      • To Ron and Doc’s Wife…
        I’m not sure where to begin with the both of you. For starters, your comments both absolutely disgusting. Freedom of Speech of course, but that doesn’t mean that what you have to say is in any way constructive or even remotely intelligent.
        Doc’s Wife, I have to ask you… If you are Christian, and this supposed “normal God-Loving American” that you worship yourself for being, you would not be happy to see two groups of people, even hypothetical ones, tear each other apart. The Christ in you would seek peace, and if you so perceive these people to be enemies, you should be praying for them instead of sitting on an online page talking trash about them and hoping they kill each other.

  6. There’s so much that could be said about this. ANY mosque in the immediate vicinity of GZ would be a flag of conquest for the Moslems; THIS Mosque is pure deception and intolerance, anyway. Rauf’s REAL record and beliefs are clear; they’re anti-Western, threatening, pro-terrorist, and pro-Sharia.
    I did some more digging and and came up with a connection I don’t think has been mentioned in other people’s online analyses of Rauf’s radical ties. One of the partners of the Cordoba Initiative, listed as one of 3 partners on their own website, is the “Alliance of Civilizations.” This is an organization founded by, and run behind the scenes by, THE IRANIAN REGIME (and was also one of Kofi Anan’s creations). It’s core doctrine as stated in its 2006 report is virulently anti-Western, and states clearly that WESTERN PROTESTERS SHOULD BE SILENCED TO FIGHT “ISLAMAPHOBIA”–their name for the entirely RATIONAL and empirically based fear–and thus not “phobic” in any sense of the word–of the worldwide Islamic jihadist/dhimmi threat. But they absolutely consider it entirely fine to SHUT US UP.

  7. DW—I’m sorry –I forgot about that—Damn!!I just had a thought. If we secure our borders none of those illiterates will get here and we might win the day after all.
    Oh, Wait—that might be construed as profiling. I guess there’s not much for us to do except wait for the end.
    I’ll just be sittin here with my gun in hand, patiently waitin for the end to come.

  8. I was there, by the way. It gave me some hope to see so many like-minded people show up, and with little advertising of this protest, too.

    • Vander,
      THANK YOU for going to the protest! I would have, if not for the fact that I live clear across the country from NY on the west coast. By being there, you are also verifying ConservativeMonster’s account.


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