Thousands of ‘migrant caravan’ invaders break through Mexico border fence – Video

Update: Central American ‘caravan’ invaders are in Mexico, now numbering more than 9,000

We must stop allowing the devils of MSM dictate our language.

The thousands of Hondurans and Guatemalans are NOT a “migrant caravan”.

They are INVADERS.

And as you can see from news videos and the pic below, like the Muslim invaders in Europe, the Central American invaders are mainly young, military-age men.

According to Breitbart, the migrant caravan invaders originated in Honduras when about 1,300 “migrants” began an organized march to Mexico toward the U.S. border. Despite the Mexican government’s announcement it would enforce immigration laws and turn back those who do not have a visa, the “caravan” grew in size to more than 4,000.

Yesterday, the migrants invaders broke through a flimsy border fence on Mexico’s southern border and swarmed into Mexico like locusts.

Here’s a dramatic video captured and posted to Facebook by Noticias Telemundo, NBC Universal’s Spanish-American language Telemundo News:


Reuters reported yesterday that the border breach took place in the town of Tecun Uman at the Mexico-Guatemala border. The invading horde broke through the border fence “and onto a bridge leading to Mexico, only to be halted by dozens of Mexican police in riot gear.” Mexican police say “a few” officers were injured in clashes.

In a televised address, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto called the border breach “unprecedented” and accused some migrants of attacking police: “Mexico does not and will not allow (people) to enter its territory illegally, let alone violently.”

Late yesterday, the governments of Honduras and Guatemala said they were mobilizing to assist the return of Honduran migrants to their homeland. Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said he had spoken to his Guatemalan counterpart Jimmy Morales for clearance to send civil protection personnel to help the Hondurans and to find transport for those wanting to return. “We’ll continue this operation for as long as is necessary,” Hernandez said in a post on Twitter. Guatemala’s government tweeted that Hernandez would meet Morales today in Guatemala City to implement a strategy for returning the Honduran migrants.

According to Reuters, Central American “emigrants” from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras make up the bulk of people now caught trying to enter the United States illegally every year, and that “several migrants” (i.e., INVADERS) at the Guatemala-Mexico border spoke of entire neighborhoods leaving their homes to join the trek invasion after news circulated on social media of a call for a new “caravan” to Mexico six months after the previous one.

President Trump has warned the caravan invasion must be stopped before it reaches the United States, and that all financial aid to Central American countries will be rescinded if the migration was not halted. On Thursday, he threatened to send U.S. troops to close and protect America’s southern border if Mexico did not stop the invasion. Speaking in Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday, Trump said he “appreciated very much” Mexico’s efforts to stop the caravan, but that “If that doesn’t work out, we’re calling up the military – not the (National) Guard – we’re calling up the military. They’re not coming into this country.”

Mr. President (@realDonaldTrump), the time for threatening words is over. It is time for action. Send a battalion of our military to the border to show Mexico-Guatemala-Honduras and the American people you mean what you say.


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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45 responses to “Thousands of ‘migrant caravan’ invaders break through Mexico border fence – Video

  1. How naive the Mexicans were. They should have sent 8,000 armed soldiers to the border to stop the 4,000 illegal invaders, not two airplanes’ worth. This has gone too far; enough is enough.

    President Trump has the constitutional authority to stop people from entering the US; see

    The media are these invaders’ allies. They state that Trump has “threatened” to send US forces to the border and to close the border. It’s not a “threat,” but a “notice” of what he is going to do if the situation persists.

    The reporter at Buzzfeed is a woman with Mexican citizenship; she writes of the invaders’ “exhaustion”– not evident as they breach the walls — and of the “malnourished” children in the mob — while the photos show well-dressed plump kids!

    • Attack on America – Radicals Attack Patriot Group (1996) (Racist communists attack American patriots in California)

      • Twenty-two years ago and its still going on. How can one be “for” illegal immigration? It is illegal.

        This isn’t a “demonstration”, it is assault and battery. They continue to play these word games and pretend that people have a “right” to behave this way. They don’t.

  2. In a televised address, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto called the border breach “unprecedented” and accused some migrants of attacking police: “Mexico does not and will not allow (people) to enter its territory illegally, let alone violently.”=======================================
    How rich it is that Mexico does not and will not allow people to enter illegally, but we are supposed to accept everyone that enters OUR country illegally, without question. We are expected to just sit back and allow hordes of invaders from south of the border and every other country without even a whimper, and if we don’t, we are heartless racists that turn our backs to the plight of helpless women and children.

    The military needs to be stationed at the southern border to guard it 24/7 while the wall is being built. It reminds me of the Biblical account of the temple being rebuilt in the days of Nehemiah, where men stood guard continually while the builders worked.

  3. They are green house gas emitting, wildlife habitat destroying, polluting invaders! Building the new Hadrian’s Wall, Immigration Moratorium, abolishing the Hart-Cuellar Act, and deporting all illegals and any past amnestied with criminal records or who took any taxpayer assistance, would greatly lower US Globull Warming emissions, pollution, and preserve our open spaces and wildlife. Its truly a “Green” thing to do. Remember mentally ill Liberals have “Doublethink” where they believe that supporting the planned immigration invasion does not conflict with preserving the environment because they are brainwashed automatons

  4. These poor impoverished people are adorned in more expensive clothing than I wear.

  5. Anyone read Kelly Greenhill’s Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy?

    You can find the PDF online, I suggest downloading it before it is taken down.

    The basic idea is: Because liberal democracies have institutions protecting human rights, they will be internally destabilized by the inflow of migrants or refugees. These displaced people are being used as a weapon to ruin both the places they are going to and coming from simultaneously.

    Aside from the points made in that paper, which are all correct, there is also the mentally ill idea of the elites to create people without identities or “global citizens”. They want global citizens of nowhere/everywhere to be their slaves. These new global citizens will be a cheap workforce and have a much lower standard of living, which is the sick goal of “Utopian socialists”. This means taking away national identity, gender, religion, family, and all other forms of identity. ‘Old world order’ is sovereign nation states and the ‘new world order’ is global slavery. Makes old fashioned colonization look rather charming by comparison.
    Not only do you need to move these migrants around the globe, but you have to blackwash the old nation/state system as much as possible, akin to the Black Legend that happened to Spain (and they believe it themselves now)
    here is a quote from wiki
    “The careful distortion of the history of a nation, perpetrated by its enemies, in order to better fight it. And a distortion as monstrous as possible, with the goal of achieving a specific aim: the moral disqualification of the nation, whose supremacy must be fought in every way possible.”

    These “migrants” flooding US and Europe will inevitably make those places worse, but the blame will be distorted onto the host country and inadequacies of the old system. These manufactured problems are part of the dialectic to force change on good people who would never otherwise accept these ideas. It’s all part of the psychological warfare or “worldview warfare”.

    Interesting how these people can form a group and march through other nations to get to the US or Europe but not do anything for themselves in their countries of origin.

    • @Michelle,

      Great link, your link & post falls in with the anti-American Frankfurts School Cultural Marxists Cloward-Piven strategy:

      “First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven (both longtime members of the Democratic Socialists of America, where Piven today is an honorary chair), the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. ”

    • Yes, that’s EXACTLY right. The only thing different today is that it is being actively implemented, worldwide. The idea is old. I’ve read about it for many years. It’s in process at the moment. It isn’t “coincidental”.

    • You may also recall the “unaccompanied aliens” who came from El Salvador and Honduras during the Obongo atrocity. There were pictures of them on trains all paid for by “someone”.

      Later, after Trump took office, these “unaccompanied” invaders were recast as “separated waifs”. The lesson here is that you can do anything with lying, immoral politicians and a completely controlled press.

    • Thanks, great link. I’ve taken courses there. Maybe we should start calling these “engineered migrations”.

    • Very good!!! Your link to the “Spanish” Inquisition as an example of a “Black Legend” is very good. Indeed it is.

      A little off topic (but not really) is Mel Gibson’s film “Apocalypto”. It is a powerful statement that things are often “relative”. It is far too easy to over simplify situations that are different in some ways from what we experience today, and try to equate them.

      The example being “is it better to have one’s heart ripped from one’s body by fellow “natives” or be subjected to the tender mercies of the Spanish?


  7. As has been said, the majority of these invaders are army age young men. Whose women do you think they will be preying on if they arrive here? Wouldn’t you think that the Dems would be all up in arms over this fact, since we know how they “cherish the virtue of women.” Or, at least some Demorat women.

    • Dems don’t care about the “virtue of women.”

      After all, there’s bound to be some collateral damage in reaching their end goal (open borders and more demorat voters).

    • I suspect that this particular wave will have women and children. They are already concentrating on them in all the MSM photos. They want to spin this as a “nasty Trump” thing.

      They do the same thing in Europe but are having a hard time finding models. They will put the women and kids up front while they force their way through. If they are arrested they will, of course, be separated and that will create a whole new focus point for their election scam.

      Anybody notice that they don’t have a platform? Sure they are the “anti-Christ” but, besides that, they have nothing positive at all. The whole thing is built on being “not Trump”. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Since these invaders have already left their home country of Honduras, I would hope that the Honduras President makes heroic measures to get these folks back home . . . . OR cut the money! Take whatever monies that do not get sent to Central America and . . . Build the Wall!

    I am all for sending OUR REGULAR US ARMY TROOPS TO DEFEND OUR BORDER! In fact it would not hurt my feelings if our troops were moved into place starting the end of next week–if we cannot see where Mexico, in tandem with Honduras and Guatemala cannot stem the tide. This is such an affront to our sovereignty.

    I am left wondering if the communists at the “UN” are going to weigh in on our President’s move to keep us safe.

    • @Auntie Lulu,
      Colonel MacGregor ( a true patriot) has stated the exact same thing, US troops should be on our border. I noticed after Sebastian Gorka went ballistic on Dr/Colonel MacGregor, he is no longer on Laura Ingraham’s Show.
      A Military for the 21st Century: Col. Douglas Macgregor on Threats That Define It
      “There are three kinds of threats. The first threat is economic. In 1958, President Eisenhower told the American people, “The purpose is clear. It is safety with solvency. The country is entitled to both.” Eisenhower was right then and he’s right now. (See Paul Taylor, Rakesh Kochhar, Richard Fry, Gabriel Velasco and Seth Motel, “Wealth Gaps Rise to Record Highs between Whites, Black and Hispanics.”) We need to send home low-skilled, uneducated people who are not Americans. At the same time, American citizens must be first in line to receive training, education, and jobs. The second relates to the first in that our borders are open and unprotected. Criminality in many forms marches hand in hand with illegal immigration across our borders and through our ports. The third involves alliance commitments that threaten to entangle the U.S. Armed Forces in conflicts that are of no interest to the American people.”

      • Hawkmoon . . . . Bravo, excellent comments, particularly “sending home all the low skilled, uneducated citizens of other nations.” Our own people deserve to have the blessings and help that can be made available from taxpayer funds—these funds should not be given to invaders and others from foreign lands.

    • Guatemala’s lawlessness and porous borders are ideal for people and drugs to pass through. For years we have been saying that the wall should be built down here. But UN intervention and the former US ambassador have undermined President Trump”s efforts

  9. So, by this standard, anyone wishing to invade those countries can? Any country with an army should be able to repel all invaders. Isn’t that the basic idea of having a military?

    They should meet them with concertina wire and .50 cal. machine guns. Soros and his gang of insurrectionists should be summarily arrested and sent to GITMO.

    This is an outrage designed to make Trump look bad at the election cycle. Nothing we do will be received well. So, forget all that and stop ’em cold, turn off the cash to the South and arrest the perpetrators.

    • Lophatt . . . I am all for sending Soros, and anyone else who has participated in this insurrection to GITMO. Definitely “turn off the cash” and get the arrest warrants ready.

  10. In December 2018 almost all 193 members of UN meet in Morocco to sign on to a global compact for “enhanced cooperation on international migration in all its dimensions”. Translated: “enhanced cooperation on international invasion in all its dimensions”.

    This will ensure that “global citizens” wherever they reside can invade any country with the blessings of UN. No resistance by the invaded nations is permitted.

    So far only USA and Hungary have notified UN on non participation in the Moroccan event.

    11 July 2018

    We, the Heads of State and Government and High Representatives, meeting in Morocco on 10 and 11 December 2018, reaffirming the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants and determined to make an important contribution to enhanced cooperation on international migration in all its dimensions, have adopted this Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration:

    • Yes Anne, this is why I keep saying that the New World Odor is already in charge. The “countries” are simply acting as functionaries for these “High Representatives”. I’m not sure just WHO they represent, but I’m reasonably sure it isn’t us.

  11. Please note the TIMING of this wave of invaders. They would be getting here very shortly before the mid-terms. What the leftist instigators and funders of this are hoping for is a strong response by President Trump that then offends the moderate dems and the #WalkAway crowd away from voting Republican. This has been PLANNED. Please God that it backfires hugely on all those who instigated this to try to harm this country.

  12. I watched this situation keenly because I have crossed that bridge more than once. This is a Soros operation, make no mistake. He is doing here what he has been doing for years in Europe. It is a psy-op to provide pitiful photos before the election. Many folks have pointed out that the “refugees” look very well fed and well dressed.

    The last time I was in Guatemala, yes indeed, most everyone had brand new cell phones, the latest branded clothing etc. Having spent much time with Latan Americans, both here and down there, it is my opinion that most come because they want the American consumer lifestyle. They become addicted to cess pit pop-culture via tv and the Internet. The truth is that life is pretty good down there. I have spoken with many who returned home. The honest, religious ones admit America is a godless toilet, and family, church and a peaceful natural way of life is superior. One man I spoke with said all the money in America could not buy him the happiness he found at home.

    Yesterday The Daily Mail flat-out lied when they reported that The mob had forced their way into Mexico and were marching North. That rag is one of the worst Globalist propaganda organs the NOW has. The Federales fought valiantly to push back the mob, while agent provocateurs threw rocks and bottles. There is no reason to send American military. Every time it makes the situation worse. Remember, most of the news is fake.

    Mexico’s president elect takes office on Dec. 1st. He has invited Trump to his inauguration. AMLO is a good man, and if he stays alive he will do good things for Mexico. There has been a lot of fake news about him because the Globalists hate him. He won last July, but he actually won the two presidential elections before that, in which globalist vote rigging placed other
    men in power. The last three Mexican presidents have been globalist puppets. Fox was the worst puppet. I have spent a huge amount of time in Mexico and I can confirm that most of the msn news about what goes on in Mexico is fake. The benefits of travel is discernment. When one has seen the truth with one’s own eyes, it is easy to spot the lies in the fake news.

  13. I live in Guatemala, and I can tell this is a well orchestrated plan. The last two or three years, almost every couple of months you can see there’s something in social media that sparks controversy and division. Themes vary and are all directed towards polarizing our society. indigenous rights against ladinos (sound familiar ?) pro-lifers vrs abortionists, pro government against UN intervention, Christians versus devil worshipers. Well, when our Secretary of State appeared in the news today, saying that these migrants destroyed and robbed the towns through which they passed on their “caravan”, he was immediately attacked on media and called xenophobic. The problem now is that Mexico doesn’t want them, so I guess they will stay in Guatemala, destroying our culture and our towns which are too divided, stupid and weak to defend themselves. Yes, we are headed towards the New World Order.

  14. I sure hope President Trump means what he says. And let us remember, this has been long in the planning. As Michael Savage said years ago, “Clinton opened the door to this country [for illegal aliens], but George W. Bush ripped the hinges off and threw the door in the ocean!”

    This has been planned and is happening, in part, because contraception and abortion has reached the point where the demographics themselves have changed, even without the invasion. And we can thank Ted Kennedy and Jacob Javits for the Immigration Act 0f 1965, also!

  15. a more direct source of up to the minute sit rep:

    this is being spun from every direction.
    don’t accept interpretations without verification.
    keep calm. use your reason. don’t be stampeded.

    this is an important battle. keep the focus.
    it is not immigration. it is an invasion.
    and vote if you value your freedom.
    help trump break the cult.

  16. Don’t worry, we all have something for them.
    Just ask the Emperor why Japan didn’t invade the US mainland and instead opted to attack Pearl Harbor..

  17. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of young people who have been slaughtered by MS-13 gang members, who were allowed into this country by the immigration policies of Barack Obama.
    ICE is systematically, and legally, finding these killers and either jailing them , or deporting them, on a daily basis.
    What makes anyone think that stopping these monsters at the border, for they are hiding within the groups marching towards us, is not a better idea than waiting until they’ve done their terrorizing, and killing, before ridding ourselves of them?
    It’s time to start using our brains folks, the future victims of these criminals are counting on us.

  18. 100 ISIS terrorists in migrant caravan – Judicial Watch.


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