Thousands in Illinois may still have firearms despite having FOIDs revoked

From MyFoxChicago: (AP) – Tens of thousands of Illinois residents whose gun licenses have been revoked could still be in possession of firearms, according to an analysis of state records by the Chicago Tribune.

The failure of the system was underscored in February when a man killed five former colleagues and wounded five police officers in Aurora, Illinois, using a gun he kept despite the revocation of his Firearm Owner’s Identification card in 2014.

Local police departments are supposed to ensure that those whose licenses have been revoked surrender their permits within 48 hours and fill out a form stating their guns have been passed to a legal gun owner or the police.

But since 2015, nearly 27,000 Illinois residents whose FOID cards have been revoked haven’t updated authorities on what they have done with their firearms, the Tribune reported. That means authorities do not know whether 78% of those revoked cardholders still own guns.

“I will say the depth and breadth of the problem did take me back just a bit,” said acting Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly, who has made FOID revocation compliance a priority since he took office this year. “The only way we are going to be able to take a bite out of this problem is just laying it all out there: the good, the bad and the ugly.”

FOID cards can be revoked for a number of reasons: felony convictions or indictments; convictions involving domestic abuse; being subject to an order of protection; being deemed a mental health risk; dishonorable discharge from the military; or being found to be in the country illegally.

Local police departments are informed by state police when a card has been rescinded, but most don’t prioritize checking on the status of remaining weapons due to a lack of resources, officers or background information.

Failure to ensure compliance over so many years has created a substantial backlog that will require a coordinated, costly effort to resolve.

A bill pending in Springfield would raise cardholder fee from $10 for 10 years to subsidize a task force to follow up on revocations. The legislation would also mandate fingerprinting to obtain a FOID card, a step supporters say would significantly increase the chance of identifying an applicant’s criminal background.

Gun rights advocates say the measure would be an unconstitutional encroachment on Second Amendment rights and have vowed to challenge it in court if it passes into law.


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1 year ago

No one should be required to register firearms with the state, period. Do they really think that all those felons running around shooting people have registered guns? We do not need permission. They will have to find a solution to their alleged problem that doesn’t involve insulting the Constitution. Besides, all of these “pre-crime” schemes are also unconstitutional. Just because you suspect someone might commit a crime, there is nothing you can (or should) do about it unless it happens. Are they going to register all of the hammers, rocks, sticks, kitchen knives, etc., etc.? None of this has anything… Read more »

Jackie Puppet
1 year ago
Reply to  Lophatt

Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice in ILL-ANNOY to legally purchase a firearm – unless I’m willing to become a criminal like all the other thugs. And people in neighboring states won’t exactly “bypass” the process for IL residents to acquire one.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jackie Puppet

Yeah, I know. It isn’t aimed at you or the residents in general. It’s a general statement that applies anywhere. My aunt and cousins lived in Reno, Nv. when I was a teenager. I used to just go in any pawn shop and buy whatever gun I wanted and walk out with it. No paperwork at all. What’s wrong with that? They start these things and people, sheeplike as they are, soon accept them as absolute and necessary. It isn’t any different than car insurance. I remember when that first became ‘mandatory’. Now people express HORROR! at the thought of… Read more »

1 year ago

So their solution is to make me pay more for their inability to enforce their law? How about the people that can’t legally own a fire arm are registered and do away with the foid system. It takes 6 months to get the damn thing. And also takes 6 months to have it renewed.

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

Just great. /Sarc

But this is the same government that the Left want to further empower with gun-control and -confiscation, the Green New Deal, and Medicare For All.

1 year ago

Plain and simple, You can find the answer in yesterday’s post, 32 shot five dead on the Memorial Day weekend.