Thoughts to help us through tough times

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Our love and our prayers to all who are suffering in tornado-devastated Moore, Oklahoma.

FOTM’s pnordman sends us these nuggets of wisdom — reminders to help us weather the storms of life.

Faith is seeing a rainbow in each tearAll I have seen teaches me to trustCharacter is what you are in the darkForgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds onHE STILLED THE STORM TO A WHISPER,Every Gethsemane has its angel!

And here’s one from me:



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0 responses to “Thoughts to help us through tough times

  1. Thank you Dr. E. We all need reminders.

  2. Thanks guys…er Ladies 😀

  3. Thanks for your thoughts & prayers for the tornado victims in Oklahoma. The devastation in Moore covered more area and took the largest toll in lives, but there were other areas with significant hits the day before, such as Shawnee,OK.
    I live in Oklahoma City, but fortunately was not close to where the tornado struck.
    We are all, however, grieving for those who lost their lives, family members, friends, and their homes.


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