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your place in the universe


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0 responses to “Thought of the Day

  1. Great advice, and thanks for reminding me, I keep forgetting.

  2. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    So true. But, “Here” is where we live and it’s our only piece of the galaxy. Therefore, keep getting worked up and get rid of Liberals, Marxists, Commies and the Politicians.

  3. I love it! 😀


    Geno cleansing complete lost civilization on new planet

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn! I love it too!

  6. Great thought to remember today.

  7. Just a tad off topic, sort of, but what a great picture to remind us of God’s omnipotence, especially when you realize that galaxy, in which we are a mere speck, is a mere speck in itself compared to all that God has created. Therefore, does that not make us special in his sight? Ponder on that awhile and be humbled.

    • Thanks, Jerry, for that awesome thought.

      He must see something in us, which for the life of me I can’t see! LOL 😀

      • Neither can I. I think we call that “grace” (?). Of course there is also the fact that we are made acceptable in his sight only by the shed blood of our Savior. I reckon His grace and redemption are something we will not fully understand until we get home. Reminds me of an old Southern spiritual called “Wayfaring Stranger”.


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