Those who are fanning Ferguson riots into a race war

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Last night, after St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch, a Democrat, announced and explained the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, Obama’s sons and daughters predictably rioted in the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis.
The rioters overturned and vandalized cars.
They blocked traffic on the interstate.
They transformed downtown St. Louis into a war zone.
They looted, burned, or completely destroyed small businesses, most of which are owned by minorities, including Walgreens, Little Caesers Pizza, Autozone (burned, with explosions), Beauty Town, Title Max, Family Dollar Store, O’Reilly Auto Parts (completedly engulfed by flames), a cake store owned by Natalie Dubose who was reduced to tears, and Ferguson Market and Liquor, the convenience store that Michael Brown had strong-arm robbed before he was killed by Officer Wilson. (Source: Breitbart)

Fox News’ Juan Williams noted that all the self-appointed and media-recognized Black leaders are missing in action. Williams plaintively asks:

Where is the black leadership now that a grand jury has decided not to indict the police officer that killed Michael Brown?
Where is Al Sharpton? He advertises himself as a spokesman for the best interests of black America. But he is absent.
Where is Jesse Jackson, another popular media personality who says he speaks for black America? He’s missing in action, too.

In the place of those MIA leaders, these are the blacks who fanned the flames.

Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden

In the days preceding the grand jury announcement, Michael Brown’s divorced parents, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr., had issued statements calling for peaceful protests in the wake of the grand jury’s decision.
But McSpadden clearly changed her mind because after the prosecutor announced no charges would be filed against Officer Wilson, the woman went into a screaming obscenities-laden tirade: “You motherfuckers think this is a joke!”

Michael Brown’s Stepfather Louis Head

For his part, Brown’s stepfather, 38-year-old Louis Head, an ex-con who is married to McSpadden and whose rap sheet includes two felony narcotics convictions, stood atop a platform in the middle of the agitated crowd of several hundred protesters, and screamed “Burn this bitch down!” He did this at least ten times, and at one point yelled for a microphone so that he could broadcast his incendiary message beyond the range of his unamplified voice. (Source: Smoking Gun)

Louis Head, in a Mike Brown t-shirt, incites the crows to "Burn this bitch down!"

Louis Head, in a Mike Brown t-shirt, incites the crowd to “Burn this bitch down!”

Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadali (D) calls for a “race war”

On MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadali, a Democrat, calls the riots a “race war” that’s long-time coming. In doing so, the senator in effect deems the riots to be an appropriate reaction. She also threatens in so many words that the riots are only a beginning and there’ll be more to come.
Maria Chappelle-Nadali
These are Chappelle-Nadali’s words:

“This is St. Louis’s race war. We didn’t have a race war like other cities throughout the U.S. This is our race war. I have to tell you that there has been systematic racism, institutionally in state government for decades, including my own state party. So what we are looking at right now is a symptom of racism that has been swept under the rug for decades…. I know people in my own party, in my own government structure who disregard things that we say and how we feel, and we are not going to allow it anymore.

Obama sends mixed messages

As the rioters overtook streets and cable TV broadcasts showed them setting fires and attacking police cars, Obama spoke from the safety and loftiness of the White House.
While pleading for calm — saying that “there’s never an excuse for violence” and asking that the grand jury’s decision be accepted — the President of the United States also talked from both sides of his mouth when he gave an excuse for the rioters by saying that their anger is an “understandable reaction” from people who believe “the law is being applied in a discriminatory fashion” and that “what we need to do is try to understand them.” (Source: White House)
Only one black man is making sense.
Rev. and Dr. James David Manning, of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, tells his people that if they want to progress, they must “break the demonic ancestral spirits” — the Barack Obamas, Nelson Mandelas, the Louis Farrakhans, the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, who offer blacks nothing but “food stamps and cell phones” instead of helping them to be owners of homes and businesses. Instead of the Holy Spirit, these so-called leaders to whom blacks look up, are all demon-possessed.

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0 responses to “Those who are fanning Ferguson riots into a race war

  1. Truth Speaks louder than The New Savage(s).

  2. Sigh, evacuate all the civilized humans and drop a large thermonuclear device that will cover ferguson, st Louis and beyond wherever these psychopahs gather…I know it’s not a very Christian solution…but

  3. I just watched the Rev Manning video, one voice of sanity, reason and intelligence in the jungle. A lot of blacks I have encountered HATE David manning, the old song and dance unka tom, oreo. They hate him because he tells the truth
    I pray God’s protection on Rev Manning

  4. that caption “Louis Head incites the crows…” whose typo was that?

  5. Read into lead poisoning problems in St. Louis. Why pay to tear down a city when you can get the people to do it for you?

  6. from ‘Breaking The Demonic African Ancestral Spirits’
    3:33 – 3:39 “We gonna lead Catholics to revolt againts the Catholic Church.” Dr. James David Manning

  7. Burn the M’fer down say Ferguson residents.
    Former Mayor Daley, the son, had an interesting solution to Chicago’s own version of Ferguson, MO. It was called Cabrini Green. A ghetto or hood so violent even the Chicago cops stayed out of the Green. Daley expressed the sentiment that you can’t have all that poverty, violence, hopelessness in one place. You have to offer hope. So he tore down the Green, spread the Green around Chicago in smaller sections more easily managed and where there was hope, not despair.
    Ferguson, MO was a bonfire waiting to be lit.
    Anything….would have triggered it. A white hitting a black kid who darts out into traffic, a Fireman using the N word. Ferguson already had the gasoline poured on it- it just needed one small match. Once the place went up in flames, as it has again after the Darren Wilson verdict of insufficient evidence, nobody cares who is right or wrong they just wanted to play the ‘blame game’ for their own personal agendas, whether that agenda was personal, political, their 15-minutes of fame. And everybody had an agenda including that idiot governor of MO Jay NIxon who, before the shooting review board was even completed with its investigation, said Daren Wilson was “guilty.” Lets see how popular you are with the cops Nixon next time your chauffeur is driving 100 mph or you are caught driving drunk. And Ferguson will happen again.
    The only solution to the Ferguson, Mo’s of America is to not put all your bad apples in one barrel. Because you know sooner or later some race-baiting scumbag like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lewis Farrakhan, some politician aiming for the presidency is going to pour gasoline on it and some innocent cop like Daren Wilson, just doing his job, will naively light the match.
    Why anybody would want to be a cop in America these days for $9-bucks an hour is pure insanity especially to all you cops there in Ferguson who have to deal with the mess. I would think all the cops of Ferguson would be sending their resumes out to other police depts around the country like Oak brook, IL. where the police station looks more like a country club than have to shoot and kill these crazed zombies in Ferguson, MO. They’re out of control. Because they live in a ghetto that offers no hope but despair and this is not going to change for Ferguson unless they follow Richie Daley’s model and break it up, move it into smaller, more manageable chunks.
    In the coming days, weeks, months you may expect to see the police chief’s resignation, many of the high ranking administrators, rank and file cops, all leaving, like rats deserting a sinking ship. In order to keep the peace, martial law will have to be declared and maintained for months with National Guard troops patrolling the streets.
    Would you want to live in Ferguson, MO? Hell no!
    Wilson will not return to active duty. The scandal, like Monica Lewinsky will follow him so that no police dept anywhere in America will hire him. The best option for Wilson is to hammer out a financial settlement with the city of Ferguson, MO, take the money and move somewhere where he and his family can live a low-key life in peace. Wilson- I would recommend Canada. Ferguson, MO was not Darren Wilson;s fault- he was merely the match. The fault lies in failure of government. Obama giving away free cell phones and free immigration status to those who do not belong here, do not deserve it, giving out free health-care is not the answer to a Ferguson, MO. It is the gasoline. The answer is to break it up into small chunks, create jobs, create a community that has community dinners, helps out their neighbor, and does not look to government to be the great enabler.
    But……saying all this- there is no hope for Ferguson, Mo but rioting, looting, violence, hate, and death. It is too late for Ferguson, MO. Better to bulldoze the place, scatter the hate to the four corners and start over.
    And one more thing I would do Ferguson, MO: keep Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and other race-baiters the hell out.

  8. How else can the Democrats declare martial law and impose Socialism?

    • Really? Does Obama need a reason to do that? He stomps right across our Constitution daily with no regard for our rights-he has a pen and a phone,ya know….
      He’ll sure have a LOT to answer for when he has to face charges for all he’s done.

  9. The solution to ferguson is for those black folks to stop acting out the stereotype they were labeled, stop falling for government propaganda and psychological operations, and finally to get some intelligence, blowing up and burning buildings doesn’t help anything and is typical merc-style wanton destruction intended to incite fear and loathing. What they are doign right now is called terrorism, and it is making things worse for Everyone in the entire U.S., because the Govt. terrorists will not let this “crisis” go to waste, and will utilize it for their benefit and to the detriment of the average citizen.
    Given most people’s distance from that city, I would suggest folks pray against the plans of evil that are being carried out there, and against the devilish spirits there as well.

  10. sickening….I am disgusted by so much going on in my country. The devil is truly having a party in USA

  11. I just can’t believe those Black race-baiters in Ferguson (the “rioters”) can’t see how absolutely STUPID their actions make them look to the world. It doesn’t help that the alleged president has repeatedly violated presidential protocols by publicly interjecting his personal opinion i(as wrong as that of the urban terrorists/rioters,by the way) into the reporting. That’s one thing a GOOD President should NEVER do.

  12. Reblogged this on Your Dog Wouldn't Like It and commented:
    Someone is trying to create a race war in the USA. This is presumably to allow a nefarious Police State to emerge without too much hostility. People will become so fed up with the lawlessness, they’ll even put up with losing their rights under the constitution.
    The checks and balances have been erased by Obama.

  13. As I’ve said a few times before, I drive a yellow cab here in New York City. Last night (my clock’s behind yours—I mean Monday night), the City was eerily quiet, and I was nowhere near Times Square. But tonight was a different story:
    At about 7:00 pm, Tuesday, I noticed a jam around the Manhattan entrances to the Lincoln Tunnel. The NYPD and the Port Authority Police were on W. 34 St. and Dyer Ave. I saw no protesters, so I assumed Obama was in town. (Barricades were in place).
    At 10:15, I picked up a fare at Grand Central; She wanted to go to W. 16 St. & 6 Ave. We were gridlocked at W. 43 St. & 5th Ave. Then we heard the mob, and saw them, marching east, with their signs. The lady suggested we cut straight across, and against my better judgment (because Times Square is my cab driver’s nightmare), I headed toward W. 43 St. & 7th Ave. THEN IT HIT: The mob was in the thousands, marching north, up 7th Ave. and Broadway (they intersect in Times Square).
    There were people with the placards and banners. We were lucky in that we were stuck there for only about twelve minutes. THEN I SAW THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IN NEW YORK:
    More than 99% of the people in the mob were WHITE. They were tourists. (Take it from a Native New Yorker—I can tell). There were families WITH THEIR CHILDREN marching in the mob. These were onlookers on a curiosity trip.
    What if some real trouble broke out?
    ALSO: I asked my fare, rhetorically, Where are the cops? Well, the police were there—very sparsely populated. At W. 43 St. & 7th Ave., there were about six police. SIX. They had their smart phones out, recording the crowd. Almost all the people there were white tourists.
    Well, we got out of there, and I went about my night shift. Looking at CBS News on the web, these mobs blocked the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway, the Queens-Midtown and Lincoln Tunnels and at least two bridges to Brooklyn, the Williamsburgh and Manhattan.
    NOW HERE’S THE POINT: WHERE WAS MAYOR DEBLASIO IN ALL THIS? His UTTER LACK of strategic planning, along with NYPD Commissioner Bratton (of Rudy Guiliani’s first term) was a MAJOR FLAW, which really demonstrates the INABILITY AND UNFITNESS of each man to hold office.
    All Right, that’s the local level. On the National level, the Obama Administration is looking for—CHOMPING AT THE BIT—the opportunity to impose Martial Law. And not only that: The LENINIST and ALINSKYIST troublemakers were observing and prepping for next time!
    REMEMBER ALWAYS: This criminal regime is looking for ABSOLUTE POWER. They beta-test everything first. Everything gets recorded and duly noted.
    MORE IS COMING. This is the End of the Beginning—not the Beginning of the End!

    • “I asked my fare, rhetorically, Where are the cops? Well, the police were there—very sparsely populated…. WHERE WAS MAYOR DEBLASIO IN ALL THIS? His UTTER LACK of strategic planning…”
      Steven, I find your two observations above to be most interesting. OF COURSE, the protest(s) in New York City were/are predictable. Mayor De Blasio, not being a stupid man, OF COURSE expected it. Despite all that, police presence was sparse, which in turn means the sparse presence was DELIBERATE. All of which means everything is going AS PLANNED. To what end, we should ask.
      I pray that you, Steven, be protected in your hazardous job as a NY taxi-driver. †

      • Thank You, Dr. Eowyn. I have been truly Blessed by Our Lord. Only about two or three fare-beaters a year, but I’ve never been attacked or robbed. About 90% of my passengers don’t appreciate my conservative-libertarian politics, but they all compliment me on my authoritative voice! (I have been trying to break into voiceovers—no mean feat!) Thanks again.

  14. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Those who are fanning #Ferguson riots into a race war

  15. Dr. Manning stands aside from the crowd. I wonder how much trouble he has from the race baiters.

  16. Dear Eowyn,
    What on earth is going on over there?? It looks like you on track to a racial war… could you please take a look at this article? Perhaps you’ve read it already, it’s about race, micro-aggression and UCLA:

  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. Clearly, the lack of police presence was planned, which was so unfortunate for the businesses that were vandalized and people that were harmed. The king then makes a statement empathizing with those who are violently angry, saying it was “understandable.” Incredible!
    There were black people on the grand jury. I pray that Our Lord protects all of the members of the grand jury from the evil purposely penetrated in this matter.

  18. what kind if gun should I buy?

    • If you don’t know what type of gun to purchase, maybe you shouldn’t have one…

    • Buy whatever gun feels right to you,but make SURE you buy a Firearm Training class or two. Enjoy…

      • Where did I see that “Rules for a Gunfight”, on here?
        One of the rules was regarding caliber, “any caliber is OK as long as it starts with a 4”.
        The LT. Gov of MO is on Hannity raising hell about the Natl Guard no show.
        He also had some startling stats on the relationship between crime and failed school districts in Mo. Sort of ties into that side story regarding Students of Color in LA.
        Giuliani was on explaining that hugs do not work to control rioting mobs.
        So far the only explanation for any of this I’ve heard from a Lib is that there not enough black cops on the force.
        The businesses were mostly minority owned but their insurance companies are likely to be whitecrackers.

  19. “So far the only explanation for any of this I’ve heard from a Lib is that there not enough black cops on the force.
    The businesses were mostly minority owned but their insurance companies are likely to be whitecrackers.”
    I think the thing that comes forth from this statement is that these racists need to get over themselves. Last time I got stopped by a Black cop,I didn’t have a stroke over his color. He did his job,was professional and was a pretty decent guy,and THAT’S what I took away from the experience. (That and a speeding ticket for $74.00.) No complaints-I deserved it. Point is,the COLOR of an officer has NOTHING to do with their job,so just skip the racist BS. ANY cop’s liable to treat you badly if you’re being a punk and trying to play a race card that isn’t warranted. Why don’t these idiot race-baiters try being PEOPLE instead of being “oppressed blacks”? If you’ll take the effort to notice,MOST people don’t even pay attention to race when they interact with people-UNLESS the other person makes a POINT of drawing attention to their race. So GROW the HELL UP;if you can’t do that in one jump,GROW,SPIRITUALLY.

  20. you got to wonder who launched Obama into office and is pulling his strings. Not that it will help knowing unless someone will take action and fast. Pulling levers on election day doesn’t seem to help.

    • I think Voting WOULD help,but only if we can eliminate the multi-district voters,criminal voters,illegal alien voters,multiple-voters,and dead voters,(or any combination thereof) and get a legitimate,LEGAL Election.

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